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So I attended my very first blogger happy hour, and made it out unscathed. (If I was a recipient of any of the biting that was apparently going on, a) I don’t remember, and b) it didn’t leave a mark. Thank god.) I even came out of my shell enough to introduce myself to some new people – a minor feat, considering how shy I normally am. (And this was in theĀ  beginning of the night, too! Read: very little alcohol.)

In fact, I was on such a roll with being outgoing and social, that when MJ asked me to ask a couple guys next to us if they were bloggers, too, I barely hesitated.

Liebchen: “Excuse me, are you guys here for the happy hour?”

Guy 1: “For what happy hour?”

Liebchen: “Oh, the blogger happy hour.” (Even though I knew at this point it was a no go.)

Guy 2: “Blogging?”

Guy 1: “And isn’t it a little past happy hour at this point?”

Liebchen: “Well, for us it lasts all night.”

I’m not sure exactly what that last line even means, but it sounded good at the time, especially in response to his ill-disguised sneer at “blogging.”

I’m not totally judging him; I used to be a little anti-blog, myself. But things change. And, frankly, from the looks of things Friday night (and the pictures I found on my camera the next day), we were having more fun than them anyway.

P.S. I’m not quite sure I can put up my favorite picture, so for now, check out the ones Arjewtino stole from me. And maybe I’ll add some more later. If you’re lucky.

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