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*Cher Horowitz, Clueless

Being home for the Thanksgiving long weekend was a much-needed break from DC. It was refreshing (even though I came back sick), and it was a welcome reminder that some things never change.

  • Like my best girl friends from high school – we can still pick up right where we left off.
  • Like my parents’ friends at church, who always ask me a) how work is, and b) if I’m dating anyone yet.
  • Like Black Friday, when my mother and I brave the crowds and “save” money, by only buying things on sale.clueless
  • Like PIC, who introduces me to a new guy every time I go back to Philly.

In this case, though, there was a welcome difference. The guy she introduced me to this time was much funnier and more entertaining than some from the past. And I’m a sucker for someone who can make me laugh. At one point, he asked me what two movies I would stop everything and watch, if they came on TV right then. And then he answered: Ghostbusters and Clueless.

It’s okay. I laughed, too. (Surprisingly, though, he’s not the first guy I’ve met who loves that movie.) But the better part was that he laughed at himself. And it made me think about the qualities of those certain movies – the ones you always have to stop and watch.

It wasn’t one of my answers for him then, but flipping through channels last night, I came across Invincible. And I had to keep it on. It’s not just because it’s about the Eagles (though, that doesn’t hurt); I feel the same way about Miracle and Remember the Titans. It’s partially the underdog story, and partially the fact that it’s true (or based on truth). Plus, I still get chills every time Papale scores against the Giants.


And no matter how often I’ve seen each of those movies, I never get tired of watching them. It’s one of those things that I hope never changes.

Now I’m curious: my original two movies were Empire Records and Boondock Saints (though, admittedly, it may change with my mood) – what would yours be?

Indulge me.

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