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I got a funny text last night – not witty-funny, but odd-funny.

I will work for you tomorrow if you like…

Not only do I not work with the sender, but I also haven’t spoken to him in a month. But it did remind me of our last interaction – which reaffirmed my decision to not date guys my own age.

I met him while watching the Phillies win game three of the World Series. We went out a couple weeks later on U Street – got drinks and listened to some live music. Things were actually going pretty well (perhaps that speaks to my dating history, that I was surprised), until he started telling me about his hopes and dreams.

Date: “I know it might sound a little ridiculous, but I’d really like to get into smoking pot more on a regular basis. I mean, I do it a little bit now, but I really think I should do it every day. I think it’ll really help when I’m playing my music. So, what do you want to do? What are your New Year’s resolutions? I mean, my goal is wanting to smoke more – what’s yours?”

Liebchen: Um…I want to run a marathon.

Admittedly, not the cleverest response I could have come up with when confronted with that information, but he kind of threw me for a loop. And while I’m not opposed to his extracurriculars on an occasional basis, I’m not sure I could ever consider it a goal of mine.

How does this tie in to me not dating guys my age? Simple. If I had met Pothead-wannabe a few years down the road, he’d either a) be so fried from 24/7 smoking that we probably wouldn’t have had the date in the first place, or b) be through that phase in his life, and be a little older and wiser.

Yeah, I know that stupid ridiculous questionable decisions are kind of like video games: you never quite grow out of them. (And what fun would it be if you did?) But I’m optimistic that the older you get, the less likely you are to want to devote all waking hours to being stoned.

You know, ideally.

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