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…so let’s stick with weekend highlights for now.

Office holiday party:

I managed to avoid fire, interventions, and most open-mouth-insert-foot “opportunities.” However, after having been served all night, I got carded by the female bartender. “Wait, really?” I asked her, as I gestured to one of the other bartenders. “He served me earlier.” But then he, instead of confirming that he had, indeed, served me, comes over and whispers, “Wait, you’re not actually 21?” Oy.

Don’t worry, though – a coworker vouched for me, saying, “I recognize you from Bar Often Frequented. You’re friends with Arjewtino! (turns to the bartender) It’s okay, I’ve served her before.” Is it sad when a coworker recognizes you from a bar, and not the office?

Post-holiday party:

I, of course, did end up going to Bar Often Frequented afterward and had a great time. Until I started walking home and decided that my shoes were bothering me. The heels kept getting stuck in the cracks in the sidewalk, and leaving me with one shoe off, one shoe on. Because I’m so wise, I knew that my best bet was to just take them off altogether, and continue walking – barefoot. I kept it up for about a block, and then put them back on – not because the sidewalk was gross (that didn’t even occur to me), but because the ground was freezing.

And I’m positive that I now have frostbite in my big toe (along with who knows what else from the grimy sidewalk). Laugh all you want, but it’s still a little numb.

Jingle All The Way 10K:

First and foremost, I’m so glad there was a day of recovery rest and relaxation between this race and the office party. Now, to be honest, leaving my apartment Sunday morning while it was still dark, to go running in the cold with my frostbitten toe, made me question my sanity. I strongly contemplated ditching, but convinced myself that I would feel so good once I had finished. Of course, I was right, and my running teammates and I rewarded ourselves with big diner breakfasts afterward. After all, after a workout like that, you can eat whatever you want! What? Is that not the right logic?

Anyway, now I can’t wait to sign up for my next race: The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. Who knows, at this rate, I might even fulfill my goal of running a marathon next year.

Hey, it could happen.

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