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I have a little confession to make. Just a tiny one; please don’t judge me. (At least not any more than normal.)

For as much of an adult as I consider myself (and I do – most of the time), I’ve never actually done my own taxes. It’s not that I “have people.” It’s that I have my parents, or rather, my dad.

I guess last year was the first time that I actually *should* have done them myself. I was out of college, working full time, and no longer really a dependent. But I didn’t. I thought that my dad might show me the ropes when I was home at one point. Didn’t happen. And then I toyed with the idea of Turbo Tax, or some other online program, but found out that it would be trickier than I had anticipated. Apparently, if you live in two different states over the course of a year, that matters. So last year I had to file in Pennsylvania and Virginia. And this year? Virginia and D.C.


I think the moral of the story is that I just have to stop moving.

In any case, I’d like to try this year – or at least try to learn. (Even though I’ll constantly be worried that I’ve done something wrong. Can I get in trouble for that? Not if it’s an honest mistake, right?)

But wait a minute. What if I look at it in a different light? Like this: I’m actually doing my dad a favor letting him do my taxes! He’s numbers guy (an actuary) – shouldn’t this be almost fun for him? Who am I to deprive him of that pleasure of number-crunching? It would really just be cruel.

Maybe next year.

On a side note, tax season always prompts commercials promoting people/programs to help out. But the one with the one-eyed people (one look at your taxes versus two) kind of weirds me out. I wanted to post a link, but couldn’t find it. You know the one I mean.

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