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I’ve been wondering, recently, about this whole cable transition thing that was originally scheduled for February 17th. I remember when they first started advertising it and I thought, February 2009 seems so far away. Well now it’s here and I’m not quite sure how it’s going to affect me. (Because that’s the most important thing, right? How it’ll affect me.)

[Ed. note: I’ve seen that Congress has pushed the transition date back to June. But I’ve also seen reports that people are already having trouble with their cable boxes. What’s an extra four months going to accomplish? Anyway…]

I have cable. I just don’t have a cable box. Or an antenna. I have, what I like to call, cable gratis. (I don’t know if I used that right, but you get my drift.) Back in September, when I couldn’t steal a signal anymore finally caved and ordered internet, Chris the Comcast guy came by to help me with my order. He asked where I wanted the router, looking for a hook up by the TV, and I told him it didn’t matter because I wasn’t getting cable.

Chris: “Do you want cable?”

Liebchen: “Well, I’m just getting internet for right now.”

Chris: “I can hook up the cable for you. Do you have $20? It won’t show up on your bill at all, as long as you keep it between us.”

Liebchen: [looking around for the hidden camera] “It really won’t show up? You’re sure?”

Chris: “As long as you don’t say anything to Comcast. It’s cool.”

I told a friend about my lucky day to which he replied: “Why’d you get it for free? I mean, you’re hot, but are you free cable hot? I am, and I don’t get it for free.” He’s modest, that one. (I’d have argued, but I was shocked myself.)

If my cable does get discontinued, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll call Comcast to get it back. (Hard to pay for something you’ve gotten for free for nearly five months – nine, if it lasts until June.)

Good thing Chris left me his cell phone number. Maybe he can help me out.

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