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One of Geico’s newer commercials involves the lizard and the boss participating in a trust fall:

The boss has complete faith, but, to say the lizard looks wary, would be an understatement. That’s the look that reminds me of my very first (and last) trust fall – which happened about 15 years ago. It was the week of Vacation Bible School at the church I went to, and the lesson of the day was, obviously trust.

One of the first exercises we did was with a partner, where one person closed their eyes and the other person led them around the church, making sure they didn’t run into or trip on anything. I was nervous enough about that, and shuffled around with my arms stretched out, while my partner gave me directions. When all the pairs were done, it was time for the fall.

We had one big youth room in the basement of the church – really, a place for us all to hang out. We had a pinball machine, foosball table, air hockey, and a ping pong table. The last one was our “base point” for the fall. One at a time, each kid stood on the table and the rest of us stood at the base in two lines, so that our arms interlocked, creating a cradle with which to catch. (For the record, we *did* have adult supervision who made sure we were standing in in the right formation to catch anyone that came off the ping pong table.) Everything was going well – numerous people got up, fell off, and had nothing more to worry about than a stray hand on their ass.

Then it was my turn.

Now, considering I was falling backwards, I couldn’t exactly *see* what had happened. But, good god did I feel it. I was NOT caught.

Think “Mean Girls” (around 1:25…but no Karen):

I went down on my butt and back and onto the floor (which was concrete, covered by carpet that was less than an inch thick). Not only did I go down, but the force caused my head to hit the floor – then bounce back up again. Even better? It was caught on video tape – and later shown to our congregation as one of the highlights of the week.

Maybe I was crazy to attempt a fall off the table. Maybe we needed a little more adult supervision – and some pillows.

And maybe this explains why I have a certain amount of trouble trusting people. I just don’t want to get dropped on my head again.

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