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I’m in 9-4 meeting today and, I suppose, if I look on the bright side, that meeting has two perks:

1) Free lunch!
2) By the time I get out, there’s only an hour left until my holiday party!

And I’ll probably appreciate the party even more then.

In any case, in light of all the upcoming holiday parties, please take time to review last year’s things to avoid (inspired by The Office):

1) Setting your hair on fire.

There’s always a risk when you mix alcohol and fire (think: candles, lighters, one of those crazy shots that I’m too scared to do), but do your very best to avoid this hazard. Burning hair smells terrible, and you kind of ruin the party for everyone else – especially when they have to put you out.

2) Staging an impromptu intervention.

It’s a holiday party! Yes, most people will be drinking, and may imbibe more than normal. But this is not a time to sit in a circle and voice your concerns about one person’s behavior. Especially not when you can be standing by the bar with a coworker and judging several people at once. It’s called efficiency.

3) Blurting out a coworker’s secret in front of the entire room.

Sure, the imagined satisfaction of stunning the rest of your coworkers with a juicy tidbit might be momentarily overwhelming. But think of how much more you could do if you just hang on to that secret, and use it at a more opportune time. Like when people are sober enough to remember it the next day.

As always, please feel free to add your own.

I need this job for at least another year.

Update: Guess who got out of her meeting early, and still gets a free lunch?! Yay!

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