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Late Friday afternoon I breathed a huge sigh of relief, as I completed something that I’ve been talking about for months.

I finally finished all of my grad school applications.

I’d had the recommendations turned in; the transcripts had been sent; resumes had been uploaded. The very last thing to send in was my personal statement.

I wrote it and I tweaked it. Then I tweaked it some more. And then some more. I had at least five different people look at it to give me feedback, and then I changed it again. Then, with lots of help, I cut out nearly 200 words – which I didn’t even think would be possible.

And so, on Friday, a week before the deadline, and with my hands shaking, I hit “submit.”

It’s scary to think that this is out of my hands now – that I’ve done everything I can do, and now I have to wait three months to see if any of the schools want me. That might as well be an eternity.

So please, keep your fingers crossed for me and my sanity.

Patience has never been my strength.

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