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So, I’m just playing catch-up today after being out for jury duty, but, on the whole, the experience? Not so bad.

Think about it:

  • I got there at 10:30. I was out by 3:00.
  • I still had an hour lunch break.
  • I had my books with me, but they were showing movies in the lounge! I ended up watching most of We Are Marshall (I’m a sucker for sports movies based on true stories) and part of Secret Life of Bees.
  • And the biggest plus? I didn’t get picked! Never even called out of the jurors lounge. I don’t know what the selection process is, but I like to think that when people see my last name, they just skip over it because it looks too hard. I’m sure that’s the way the courthouse runs.

The only downside was that I didn’t bring my laptop. I mean, the BlackBerry was great, and I enjoyed We Are Marshall, but just think of how many Lost episodes I could have gotten through if left to my own devices!

Lesson learned.

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