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Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and, like any good procrastinator, I’ve yet to decide what I’m giving up this year.

Last year I asked for your suggestions and finally settled on giving up swearing and M&Ms. And failed miserably on the swearing. Who knew I had such a potty mouth? (Don’t answer that.)

While talking to my mom about it yesterday, I mentioned trying to give up Diet Coke and she immediately looked worried. “But, won’t you get a headache without your caffeine in the morning? What will you have instead?” And it’s true. I don’t like coffee; I get bored with tea. Diet Coke is what gets me going. (In fact, I have one on my desk at the moment. So, I guess I won’t be giving that up…)

The problem is, along with anything I think of to give up (TV, Facebook, Diet Coke, etc.), I immediately think of the reasons why it’s just not possible (Lost, certain communications, withdrawal). Maybe I should just give up rationalizing for 40 days instead?

In any case, unless anyone has another inspired suggestion (which I’m completely open to), I think I’m going to try this whole (non) swearing thing again.

  1. At this point in my life, my vocabulary should be big enough to avoid curse words for at least 40 days.
  2. I really don’t like failing, and after my poor performance last year, I feel the need to redeem myself.

So here we go. Wish me luck.

(Oh, and of course I’ll be giving up the office M&Ms again this year. It’s kind of tradition now.)

Oh someecards...it's like you know me.

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