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I love my mama. And I love how much I’ve turned out like her, from our mannerisms, to our tastes, to our tendency toward mockery. But there is one thing, one teeny tiny little thing, that I could have done without: her pack rat habits. (Sorry,  Mom.)

Now, it’s fine for her. The house I grew up in has closet space like crazy and a very roomy attic. If you want to hang on to something “just in case” it’s no problem! Stick it in a box, label it, and take it upstairs. Those old holiday decorations? Labeled and in the attic. The clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, but you might wear again? In boxes that are stacked in the back of the walk-in closet. Books that you’ve read once that you probably won’t read again, and you don’t have room for in any bookcase? In “organized” piles in your new office, aka your daughter’s old room.

Whatever it is, there’s room for it. Don’t even get me started on the back porch.

But for me? In a studio? Well, there’s really no room to be a pack rat. When I haven’t worn something in a while, it has to go. My closet space is precious and limited. Holiday knickknacks? Only if they’re small enough to store underneath my bed in the off season.

I’ve had to get better and better at cutting down, but there are still two things I have trouble with.

1) Books

I think this is understandable. I love to read and re-read. I don’t want to give away my books. I’d rather make the space for an extra bookcase, or take after my mom and have piles, than get rid of them.

2) Cards

I have this thing about holiday/birthday/just because cards. I love getting them, I love sending them. (I especially love the obnoxious singing ones.) And I have this overwhelming urge to save nearly every.single.one. It’s not that they take up much space, but what am I supposed to do with them? I have several decorating my cube at work.

I have more on my bulletin board home.

And even more in piles on my table/bookcase/dresser because they’re so cute and thoughtful that I feel like a jerk throwing them out.

There has to be a way to either a) stop being a pack rat (I’d need a step by step plan), or b) reuse/decorate/do SOMEthing with these cards.

I’m open to suggestions.


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