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Today is LB’s birthday. We’re meeting up with her right after work, so I brought her present in with me this morning. Her favorite drink is a martini.

Say no more.

Happy Birthday, LB!

Of course on the day that I bring alcohol into the office, I’m in the elevator with the Vice President of our organization. She looked down at my bag – saw the martini mixings on the one side and the oatmeal on the other – and looked back up at me. As I stammered a bit, trying to explain the birthday thing, and that I don’t bring vodka, vermouth, and olives into work on a regular basis, she just gave me a little knowing smile.

Oatmeal and vodka, hm? That sounds like quite the lunch.

So…maybe she’s just jealous?

Either that or she’s really looking forward to reporting me.

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