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Yesterday as I was perusing Jezebel, I saw a very exciting piece of news:

Betty White Says Yes To Saturday Night Live


The campaign to get her on the show has been in full force since her stellar Super Bowl Snickers commercial:

And I say it’s about time. I’ve loved Betty White since I was a kid, watching Golden Girls with my Mamie.

Dorothy and Sophia had that dry humor, that cutting wit. Blanche was a little (or a lot) on the inappropriate side, which, thankfully, went over my head most of the time. But Rose was always the unintentionally funny, clueless, yet completely genuine one.

And, really, how many people would recognize St. Olaf without her?

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with on SNL. I’m imagining something epic.

But no pressure, Betty. No pressure at all…

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