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I think it’s probably safe to say that I’ll be thinking about running and racing non-stop from now until about noon on Saturday. Not that it’s been very far from my mind since I signed up for this whole marathon craziness last July, but it hasn’t been as all-consuming.

But now it’s 3 days away.

(Or, to be more exact) 2 days 17 hours and so many minutes and seconds, thanks to the official countdown on the website.)

And I need to keep reminding myself to breathe. That I’ve trained for this. That it won’t kill me. And that I’ll get a super sweet medal out of the deal when I’m done.

So I’m asking (again) for your help with a certain aspect of my preparation. Aside from the crowd support, one of the big motivators during running is the playlist. Whether you run, bike, or just hold spontaneous dance parties in your apartment (just me?), what is your favorite song to move to? What gets you pumped up?

I’ve got 5 hours to fill, people. I think I can fit any song you offer onto this playlist.

As a kind of totally NSFW aside, even if you think I’ve become a crazy runner, I still haven’t signed up for a camp like this. At least…not yet.

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