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I told you yesterday that I was stressed. And that the photos of the Peeps Show winners and finalists (even last year’s) were a welcome distraction. But even more than that, I was looking forward to my running/Lost date with the boyfriend all day. So when I finally boarded the bus home, I just wanted to get going.

And I couldn’t understand why our driver was getting off the bus, after letting passengers on.

But then I saw. He actually got off the bus to help a blind man who was standing at the stop. And not just onto our bus. He walked the man to the bus he needed, helped him board, and then resumed his driving responsibilities. You could hear the murmur of approval as everyone on the bus realized why we’d waited through a couple traffic light cycles.

That might have been my first time ever on public transportation where not a single passenger was angry about the delay.

And I wonder how many of us paid it forward.

Have you seen any random acts of kindness recently? And, if so, have they brightened your day at all?

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