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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thank GOD it’s Friday. It has been a long, busy week, and I couldn’t be looking forward to the weekend more. For several reasons:

1) I’m going home to Philly for Easter – and bringing the boyfriend. He’s already met the parents, but this time he gets to meet my younger brother (22). Apparently parental approval is nothing (all right, not nothing) compared to the highly coveted sibling approval. But it’s okay. I’m very optimistic.

2) Even though I can’t have chocolate, there are always other goodies in my Easter basket to enjoy. Namely, wine. Need I say more?

3) While Easter weekend isn’t technically a three-day weekend (for me), it will be this year. I’m taking Monday off to go see the Phillies vs. the Nationals for the Nats home opener! Our seats are high enough up that I might consider bringing binoculars, but I’ll take whatever chance I get to see my Phillies. And Jayson Werth. *swoon*

Whether you’re traveling, staying put, celebrating a holiday, or just enjoying a well-deserved, beautiful (so far so good!) weekend – happy Friday!

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