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For the most part, I’ve kept this blog free of politics and hot button issues. It’s been far more about my personal stories, experiences, and observations. But participating in Shine and Marie‘s call to speak out yesterday made me realize that maybe I don’t need to shy away from the heavy stuff completely. I can’t say that I’ll be doing it daily – or weekly, even – but don’t be surprised if you see more musings of that sort up here.

But, for now, let’s return to the non-political, less serious stuff. Like Easter weekend.

I was already looking forward to it, and it went even better than I could have imagined.

I mentioned on Friday that the weekend would be the first time that my boyfriend met my brother. And I know that it’s usually older brothers who are intimidating and protective, but Jud occasionally takes on that role. He’s just over two years younger than I am, and we’re three grades apart, but you wouldn’t always know it.

He's 19 in this photo; I'm graduating college. But he still looks older.

There were times in high school when I’d dress to go to a dance, or just out, and he’d give me the are-you-really-gonna-wear-that eye. And a couple occasions when he’d blatantly come out and say, “Don’t you think that dress is too short?” (No, I didn’t, and it wasn’t.)

And when I had certain legit guy issues and had to tell him, I could see his face harden and could tell he was completely serious when he asked if I wanted him to do anything to take care of it. I didn’t – but it was good to know that I had my brother (all 6’3″, 200 pounds-of-muscle of him) on my side.

He came down to DC to help me move into my current apartment. If I'd done all that heavy lifting, I probably wouldn't be smiling either.

He’s never disapproved of any boyfriends he’s met in the past (that I know of), but there have definitely been some that he’s liked more than others. But this time, when I asked him what he thought, I got a text that read, “[the boyfriend] is cool…u picked a good one.” From Jud, that’s about the highest praise you can get.

And I didn’t realize how important it was to get until I got it.

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