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If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, you know that I’m a HUGE Phillies fan. I love the sport; I love being at the games; I love the energy – especially when your team makes it to the World Series two years in a row after a seriously long drought.

And I do, of course, love some of the players, themselves. So, when I went to the Nats home opener on Monday where they were playing my Philadelphia Phillies, and we got there early enough to hang out behind the Phillies dugout and watch them warm up, well, I was in heaven.

And I may have done a little sly stalking observing, aided and abetted by the boyfriend (who had to hold the camera steady, since I was too excited). Though, judging by some of the photos, there was nothing sly about it.

Jayson Werth knew exactly what I was doing:

Jayson: Hey big guy, what’s shakin’? Yeah, I’m optimistic about our chances today.

Big guy: That’s great, but I have to ask: what finally convinced you to get rid of that beard?

Me: Omgomgomg. Do you see him? Can you get a good shot?

Jayson: Why does everyone keep talking about my beard?

Hey, is that girl looking at me?

Me: *turns away out of embarrassment*

Jayson: Dude, Shane, is that girl still staring at me?

Rauuuuul: Why didn’t you ask me?

Shane: Because you’re facing the wrong way. Duh. So which girl?

Jayson: The one in the Phillies shirt!

Shane: Dude – they’re all in Phillies shirts!

Jayson: No way. There’s one Nats fan. And there’s anoth- Well, there’s at least the one.

But seriously, is she still staring?

Jayson: Ah, what the hell. Might as well strike a pose.

Shane: Oh yeah, I see her now. The one with the camera pointed over here.

Me: *swoon*

Jayson: Ha, I’m totally gonna mess with her. Look at me running my hands through my long, flowing locks…

Ryan: Dude, you look like a douche. Put your hat back on.

Jayson: Psh. You’re just jealous that you don’t have a stalker.

Jayson: All right, enough’s enough. Gotta get my stretches in. Hmm…I wonder where she’s sitting…*

It’s just too bad the Phils won’t be back here until July…

Happy Friday!

*So, I don’t think I should have to note that 99% of this conversation is made up, but I will….just in case. I wouln’t want my Phillies to stumble over here and get upset.

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