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I’ve always been curious – why do we refer to most modes of transportation as “she?” Cars, boats, bikes, etc in and of themselves aren’t feminine, but if you’re prone to naming them, it’s almost always a female name. Why?

I’m thinking about this again now, for a couple reasons.

1) The madre just got a new car – a Subaru Forrester – and suggested the name Sabrina for the car. Maybe it’s just me, but does this look like a Sabrina to you?

2) I finally got my bike! And now I want to name it.

Isn’t she (see? I just did it, too, without even thinking) beautiful? I’m not quite ready to check the bike riding item off my 25 list, because I’m still not comfortable riding around the DC streets. When I rode my bike home from the shop over the weekend, I came down one particularly busy road to get to my apartment and legitimately thought I’d get hit. I don’t know how commuters do every day – and in the morning, especially.

But, regardless, even if I’m not ready to ride, I am ready to name my ride. I’m just not feeling anything yet.

When I got my Garmin, he was named Guillermo within a matter of hours, if I recall correctly. And see? He just looks like a Guillermo:

It fits.

So here are my questions for you, in order to start the naming process:

1) Do we think the bike has to be a girl?

2) Have you ever named a mode of transportation, and, if so, what did you come up with?

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