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Turns out, I was lucky. In my third water skiing outing, not only did my bathing suit stay on, but I managed to get up and stay up for at least a minute. But it felt like MUCH longer.

As promised, here’s the proof:

I don’t know if you can tell, but that look on my face when I finally got up? That’s pure shock. Like when a baby takes its first steps and realizes he’s not falling. I was that surprised.

And, despite the helpful yells from the boat to bend my knees, my legs are still completely rigid. My thought process at the time wasn’t, Okay, nice and easy, bend your legs. It was more along the lines of, Holy shit! You got up! Don’t fall! Followed closely by, Stop pulling on the bar; just use it for balance. Balance, Liebchen-san.

I started to get a little more comfortable, and even contemplated waving at the camera, but almost immediately recognized that for the stupid idea it was. You can see, though, around the 0:57 and 1:05 marks that I’m still not quite at ease enough to go outside the wake. Every time my ski starts go over a crest, I pull back a little bit.

(Oooh, life metaphor. Deep.)

Anyway, I can’t wait to go again. And here’s hoping that if I bend my knees like I’m supposed to, I’ll be able to take the turns a little better, and not wipe out like I did at the end of this video.

Though, as far as wipeouts go, it’s not too shabby. I just could have used a little more flair.

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