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I’ve always loved the whole going-back-to-school season. I love the school supplies shopping, the newness of everything, and the way I can pretend that this is the year that all those organizational tools I’ve bought will actually keep me organized.

It’s worth a shot.

Funny enough, H told me to add crayons to my schools supplies list, "just because." We'll see...

I also love planning out my back-to-school outfit. I actually still remember what I wore on the first day of school from about second grade (a matching shorts and t-shirt combo, that may have involved some plaid) through ninth (the main piece was one of those Old Navy fleece vests – they were very in that year). And, while some of those outfits should never be repeated (let’s be honest, denim on denim doesn’t look good on anyone, and I’m sad that my mother let me out of the house in it, even if it was 1995), I still remember just how much thought and preparation went into planning that style.

I did it again for today, my first first-day-back-to-school in four years.

I know it’s grad school. I know I’ve already met a bunch of people at orientation. I know that I’m 25 and unlikely to make the same fashion mistakes as I did fifteen years ago. But it’s tradition.

I have the new school supplies (no crayons just yet). I have my planner. I’ve ordered my books. I have my backpack.

And so I also picked out my first-day-of-school, I’m-all-growed-up, confidence-inducing outfit, the night before, just to be complete.

I still wish I had my Wonder Woman lunch box, though, for that extra dose of security.

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