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Guys, I have a confession.

I’m not so good with the classics.

Movies, that is. In fact, I probably should have added a list of must-sees to my 25 in 25 list, just so I’d be more likely to check them off.

For instance, it was only about a year ago that I saw The Godfather for the first time. And a couple months before that was my first Rocky viewing. (Yes, as a Philly girl, I’m ashamed it took me so long.) But that’s not even the worst of it.

Until two months ago, I was even an Indiana Jones virgin. (Still not the worst of it, by the way.)

Why? Who knows? Those movies have everything I love in a story – adventure, religion and culture, a little romance, travel, and a young Harrison Ford. There’s no logical reason why it should have taken me so long to see them.

And given those criteria, it would only make sense that I would love another trilogy, which I’ve yet to see.

You see where I’m going with this, right? I may or may not have seen the original three Star Wars.*

Except more “may not” than “may.”

*Note: I know I’ve seen the first one, at some point, maybe…I just don’t remember a lot. Kind of like this girl.

Okay, okay, I may not be able to see you, but I know what face you’re making. But it’s not like I don’t know anything about the movies. I know the characters; I know the spoilers; I know there’s a gold bikini. And I know that Darth Vader likes to frequent the Deathstar cafeteria.

Aren’t those the highlights?


Well, the Netflix fairy is dropping it off today, so we’ll just see how accurate I am.

But I’m pretty sure I’m right about the cafeteria.

And, while I’m checking off classics, anything else you think is a must-see?

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