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Let me clarify. I’m not in any way bashing the new-ish Columbia Heights bar. I actually love it. This was my second weekend in a row at the place, and I’ll definitely be going back.

The first floor, even though there is a bar, has more of a restaurant feel to it. When we first walked in, we were a little skeptical as to the set up, as it didn’t seem very conducive to just hanging out for a few drinks. And then we went downstairs.

Do you remember that kid from high school who had the awesome basement? He had a pool table, probably one other game like darts, or air hockey if you were really lucky, maybe ping pong, and just a lot of open space for people to hang out and talk and play and drink?

Well, Meridian Pint is like that, but with much better beer.

The downstairs has pool and shuffleboard and multiple TVs. There’s room to sit and room to stand, and you never really feel like you’re overcrowded, though you know that the place is packed. And the beer selection is so diverse that you’d feel like you were missing out if you had the same thing twice. Not to mention that there are actually taps at some of the tables. If for nothing else, I’ll be going back to try that.

And with all of this praise, it may seem odd that I said that the best part was leaving, but let me explain: Meridian Pint hires pedicabs.

Not us, but you get the idea.

Apparently, on Saturday nights (I don’t know if it’s all weekend or not – or how long they’re doing it for), the bar hires to pedicabs to be on standby to take people home. If you decide to hop a ride, you’re only responsible for the tip. I know it sounds like there’s a catch, but we couldn’t find one.

Our group was eight, so we split four and four in the two pedicabs (though, I think they were made for a max of three each). And that would have been fun enough, because 1) it’s free, 2) it’s like riding your bike, without any of the work, and 3) it was too nice a night to be stuck in a cab.

But our pedicab drivers made it even better, because they indulged the drunks they were transporting (i.e. us) and actually raced the entire way to Adams Morgan.

I have to be honest, there was a little part of me that felt like I was in a chariot.

Regardless, the trip from Meridian Pint to Adams Morgan, by way of pedicab, was one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had in DC. I would almost venture that Meridian Pint is worth a visit for that alone, but the overall atmosphere really does stand on its own.

So if you do go on a Saturday, and decide to try the pedicab, see if you can ask for Bryan. Because I don’t care what the other group says – we totally won that pedicab race.

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