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When I emailed the boyfriend the other day and asked if he wanted to do something “Rosh Hashanah-y” for dinner last night, he immediately suggested matzo ball soup. I was game, of course, but I’d never made the soup before. Actually, come to think of it, I’d never actually had matzo ball soup before, either. So I did a little research.

Full disclosure: I did not make this soup from scratch. I looked at a few recipes, and due to both time constraints, and a fear of ruining dinner, I opted to save the completely homemade version for another day. But I didn’t want to buy the pre-made soup, either. That felt like cheating. Enter the Matzo Ball & Soup mix. They walked me through, step by step, and I even got to roll my own balls!

But the real test was what the boyfriend, a matzo ball soup connoisseur, if you will, would think.

“Made by a shiksa? There’s no way this could be good!”

“Ah, what the hell. I’ll try anything once!”

Pleasantly surprised!

“Oh, you didn’t want yours, did you? This is all for me, yes?”

Final verdict: delicious, if only a little on the salty side. But if anything, that’s just more incentive for me to try a recipe from scratch next time. And check something else off my list.

Happy Friday!

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