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  • I do not like all of this rain. It puts me in a dreary mood and stops me from riding my bike. (The drowned rat look is not a good one on me.)
  • I do, however, love this cooler weather and the opportunity to snuggle up in sweaters and under blankets.
  • I am sad that my Eagles embarrassed themselves yesterday.
  • But I’m thrilled that the Phillies will begin the NLDS at home in two days.
  • I’m anxious about the two midterms and editorial I have due next week (and another paper due the following week).
  • I’m comforted, though, by the friends I’ve made who I can study with, and the encouragement and support I’ve gotten thus far.
  • I’m becoming more and more nervous about the Marine Corps Marathon.
  • I’m also becoming more and more excited.
  • I was exhausted getting ready for work this morning (even though I shockingly got nearly 9 hours of sleep).
  • But thanks to my part-time schedule, I’m done for the day, and only have class left.
  • I don’t relish returning to my apartment, considering the mess is stressing me out. It looks like my closet/dressers threw up.
  • Folding and putting away clothes, though, is mindless, and that’s often what I need after class. (That’s not to say it will all get done.)
  • I will probably fall asleep tonight trying to finish the last few chapters of my history reading.
  • And that’s okay because, quite honestly, I find the Enola Gay controversy fascinating.

And if this is the most that I have to complain about, I think things are going pretty okay. And I am very very grateful for that.

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