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I made a fabulous discovery last night as I was attempting a little econ homework. I remembered that I had my old graphing calculator – a relic last used regularly in 2002-03 for Mrs. Scherer’s calculus class – and wanted to see just how accurately I was drawing these supply and demand curves.

My intentions changed, however, when I remembered something else I’d used the TI-83 Plus for: games.

More specifically, Super Mario.

Of course, once I remembered the time I’d spent playing that game, I was eager to see if my skills were still in tact. Unfortunately, figuring out how to access the program proved to be the hardest part.

I’m sure that when I first bought the calculator I tossed the directions aside without a second thought. I know for a fact that in order to even get Super Mario on the apparatus, I had to appeal to a couple tech savvy gentlemen. But I’d never had any trouble starting it up – until now.

I swear, looking at the calculator last night, it might as well have been in another language. Every button has a bare minimum of two functions, and only certain combinations will unlock the secrets of the machine.

But apparently (after more attempts than I care to admit) I can still speak the TI-83 basics.

And I can still eat mushrooms and shoot fireballs like a champ.

Because I really needed another way to waste time.

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