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I’ve been in the DC area for a few years now, and there’s one thing that I’d never managed to do – until last night. I’ve either been busy, or it’s been rainy (or both), but I finally made it out to the High Heel Drag Race.

And the costumes did not disappoint.

The duos posed:

As did Snooki:

And, of course, it wouldn’t be DC without a political statement:

But this was, by far, the most elaborate costume I saw:

You don’t run in a dress like this. You strut. All the way down 17th Street.

The race itself was awesome. Believe you me, I can appreciate how hard it is to run in heels.

But the strutting. Well, the strutting is what made it fantastic.

P.S. Four days ’til the marathon! Please keep sending any motivational songs that come to mind!

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