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I made a fabulous discovery last night as I was attempting a little econ homework. I remembered that I had my old graphing calculator – a relic last used regularly in 2002-03 for Mrs. Scherer’s calculus class – and wanted to see just how accurately I was drawing these supply and demand curves.

My intentions changed, however, when I remembered something else I’d used the TI-83 Plus for: games.

More specifically, Super Mario.

Of course, once I remembered the time I’d spent playing that game, I was eager to see if my skills were still in tact. Unfortunately, figuring out how to access the program proved to be the hardest part.

I’m sure that when I first bought the calculator I tossed the directions aside without a second thought. I know for a fact that in order to even get Super Mario on the apparatus, I had to appeal to a couple tech savvy gentlemen. But I’d never had any trouble starting it up – until now.

I swear, looking at the calculator last night, it might as well have been in another language. Every button has a bare minimum of two functions, and only certain combinations will unlock the secrets of the machine.

But apparently (after more attempts than I care to admit) I can still speak the TI-83 basics.

And I can still eat mushrooms and shoot fireballs like a champ.

Because I really needed another way to waste time.

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  • I do not like all of this rain. It puts me in a dreary mood and stops me from riding my bike. (The drowned rat look is not a good one on me.)
  • I do, however, love this cooler weather and the opportunity to snuggle up in sweaters and under blankets.
  • I am sad that my Eagles embarrassed themselves yesterday.
  • But I’m thrilled that the Phillies will begin the NLDS at home in two days.
  • I’m anxious about the two midterms and editorial I have due next week (and another paper due the following week).
  • I’m comforted, though, by the friends I’ve made who I can study with, and the encouragement and support I’ve gotten thus far.
  • I’m becoming more and more nervous about the Marine Corps Marathon.
  • I’m also becoming more and more excited.
  • I was exhausted getting ready for work this morning (even though I shockingly got nearly 9 hours of sleep).
  • But thanks to my part-time schedule, I’m done for the day, and only have class left.
  • I don’t relish returning to my apartment, considering the mess is stressing me out. It looks like my closet/dressers threw up.
  • Folding and putting away clothes, though, is mindless, and that’s often what I need after class. (That’s not to say it will all get done.)
  • I will probably fall asleep tonight trying to finish the last few chapters of my history reading.
  • And that’s okay because, quite honestly, I find the Enola Gay controversy fascinating.

And if this is the most that I have to complain about, I think things are going pretty okay. And I am very very grateful for that.

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Think about it:

  • September’s weather can be a little hit or miss, but October’s usually perfect (minus this rain).
  • It’s the beginning of postseason baseball.
  • There’s Halloween (and, consequently, playing dress up) to look forward to at the end.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, there are always scary/cheesy-scary movies on TV. (If I still had cable, and time, I’d be watching ABC Family’s annual Halloween countdown. One family friendly scary movie every night! Though, that version of scary usually includes Harry Potter…which I’m okay with.)
  • And, of course, October is my biggest race month.

– There’s the super fun Warrior Dash scheduled for next weekend – during which I’ll get an amazing Viking helmet. (Photos to come, post-race.)

– Then the Army 10-Miler two weeks after that, which I’m determined to enjoy more than last year.

– And finally, on Halloween morning, there’s the Marine Corps Marathon. Last year I ran the 10k, this year it’s all 26.2.

One of my 25 goals was to run the MCM faster than I did the National Marathon. As I get closer to the date, I’m honestly not sure that will happen, but I’m still SO excited. The atmosphere is unlike any other race I’ve been a part of – as both a runner and as a spectator.

It’s still nerve-wracking to be starting my countdown now (only 30 days!), but in a good way. I know that the crowds (and, let’s be honest, that enormous medal) will make the hours of running well worth it.

So, even though I don’t really get to celebrate Halloween this year, I’ll survive. And, along with the cheers of Marines, I’ll be rewarded with this:

I’ll just have to save playing dress up for another weekend.

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