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Back in 2007, after graduating in May, I was spending the summer at home searching the job boards and sending out resumes left and right. I wasn’t set on DC; I was open to anything. But when August rolled around, and I still wasn’t getting many responses, I realized I had to do something drastic.

So I moved.

On September 1st I left my parents’ house and moved to Ballston. Cla, who was already down here and working, and I had found a place close enough to the metro, and cheap enough to fit our budget – and hadn’t yet realized the difference between DC and DC Metro Area.

The first couple weeks were fun. I played housewife and decorated the apartment, cleaned, cooked, and applied for jobs while Cla was at work during the day. I went out for runs, exploring my new neighborhood, finding trails and shops and restaurants.

But then two weeks turned into a month. And then a little longer. And then a little longer. And once you hit that point it feels like you’re never going to find a job. Ever.

I’d had interviews, sure, but nothing that I loved. And nothing, to be honest, that I was ultimately offered.

By the time my current job called me back, it had been about a month since I’d turned in my application. They asked me in for an interview in mid-October; for a second one by the end of the month; and then I started, November 12, 2007.

In hindsight, two jobless months doesn’t seem so bad. And had I known it was only going to be two months, I would have taken more advantage of my free time. But while I was going through it, those two months were excruciating.

The office has changed a lot in three years. Employees have come and gone. I’ve loved it and hated it and loved it again.

More than ever, though, I realize that for a kid right out of college who barely knew what she was doing, this was a pretty sweet first-job to land.

And I’m so grateful for that.

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