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I was worried with the cooler weather that some of my 25 for 25 goals might have to be pushed to next spring – things like skydiving, hitting a home run, doing an underwear run, and hiking at Great Falls. Luckily, November weather has been more than cooperative, and I finally had a weekend (mostly) free from schoolwork, so we took advantage.

The boyfriend loves Great Falls and I’d never been, so it seemed like a perfect Saturday activity. We hiked just Section A of the Billy Goat Trail, but I’m already hooked. I can’t wait to go back and add B and C to the mix.

The views were breathtaking and postcard-esque, even from my little point-and-shoot:

The trails were challenging, and made for a great workout (especially when we ventured off the beaten path):

"I'm going up that?!"

The perfectly still water allowed me a shot at an artsy photo or two:

And the chances to mimic movie/TV scenes could not be passed up:

My own Dirty Dancing balancing act. Take that, Baby.

Listen – I know this isn’t a flattering photo of me, but I was not about to miss a chance to act out “Jack fighting John Locke/Man in Black from Lost on the cliffs” when I had the perfect setting for it. If you’re a fan, you understand.

All in all, it was a perfect Saturday adventure that I can’t wait to repeat.

Note: All the super cool edited photos came from the boyfriend’s iPhone. My point-and-shoot is starting to get a complex.

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