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School starts back up again on Monday.

I have a mere four days left of free afternoons and weekends and I plan to take advantage, because now I know firsthand how much I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

First semester…

…I thought that three hours between work and class would be plenty of time to go for a run.

…I expected to be able to still see my friends most weekends, and get all my school work done.

…I figured that six hours of class a week really wasn’t all that much.

…I knew that I’d have to closely manage my schedule, but anticipated that the time adjustments would be doable.

…I was afraid that I would be far too timid to strike up conversations and make new friends.

Now I know…

…that doing anything other than reading/preparing for class during those three hours will make me feel as though I’m rushing, and potentially stress me out.

…that it’s difficult to see everyone that I want to as much as I want to and that sometimes I need to be selfish with my time. But I also know that even when friends get frustrated with my MIA-ness, it’s only because they miss me.

…that the time spent in class is nothing compared to the amount of time I should be spending on the work outside of the scheduled hours.

…that I have still have things to learn regarding time management – a skill I hope to perfect improve on this semester.

…that I really am becoming more outgoing and that I now have several friends who I’ll be in touch with long after this program is over.

Just more proof that lessons aren’t limited to the classroom.

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