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While in San Jose this past weekend for Wedding #1 of the 2011 season, during a brief moment of downtime, the boyfriend and I were flipping through the TV channels in our hotel room.

(And by “the boyfriend and I,” I mean “the boyfriend.” We all know I don’t operate the remote.)

Anyway, after one particular flip I saw Don Johnson’s familiar face.

Nash Bridges!

The boyfriend looked at me with a mixture of concern and disbelief. “My mom watched this show,” he informed me, emphasizing mom.

So? I loved it! Nash and his yellow Barracuda…” I trailed off as he kept looking.

Wait a minute.” He took a deep breath. “Did you also watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

I could feel my face light up. “Yes! It was so good! We used to watch it as a family!

He sighed again, almost in resignation. “Okay. What about the one in a hospital with the guy from Mary Poppins?

Diagnosis: Murder! Yeah, I didn’t watch it on a regular basis, but sometimes.

But you still knew what I was talking about. These are all shows that my mom loves. How old are you?”

To be honest, he has a point. I may be 25 on the outside, but I do have an 80-year-old soul. Apparently I’ve had one for quite a while.

And that 80-year-old soul would still gladly watch Dr. Quinn and Sully over Jersey Shore any day.

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