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Wedding planning has taken a little bit of a backseat in favor of school (boo, priorities), but one of the things that I keep thinking about is what I song I want to dance with my dad to for our father-daughter dance.

At first, I wanted to surprise him with the perfect suggestion, so I did a little snooping via Mama regarding his favorite music. “Good luck, honey, ” she told me. “He mostly listens to Sousa marches.”

Not exactly something you can dance to.

So I went to the source – still trying to be sneaky.

Hi Daddy –

Do you have a favorite song or artist? Or a favorite movie? (And if the answer is yes, what are they?)

*Side note: 1) I thought the movie might have a soundtrack. 2) If I hadn’t added the last part, he might have just said, “yes.” That’s Daddy.

His response:

Sousa marches/The Platters; The Man Who Would Be King.

I had to look up everything except Sousa marches.

And after realizing that The Platters aren’t quite what I’m going for, and The Man Who Would Be King doesn’t exactly have a danceable soundtrack, I finally asked the blunt question.

Do you have any song in particular that you’d like to dance to for the father-daughter dance?

I received a response just a few minutes later:

I will think about it and let you know. I guess “Stars and Stripes Forever” is out of the question, but I need something slower anyway.

I’m sorry to say that yes, Daddy, it is out of the question. I need something slower, too. We both know how (un)graceful I am. Someone’s toes are getting stepped on.

But I do appreciate how consistent you are. And how well Mama knows you.

Maybe I’ll even ask the DJ if he can remix a Sousa march. You never know.

Or maybe not.

*Modern Family

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