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When I first moved down to the DC area, more than five years ago now, Cla and I lived in a spacious two bedroom apartment. I had two closets, two dressers, and more clothes than I actually needed.

When I moved into a studio in DC proper, I lost one closet, but still had my dressers (plus some under-the-bed storage), and saw no need to pare down my wardrobe.

These bad boys can hold an awful lot of clothing.

Nearly two years ago, though, I had to downsize a bit. I was moving in with Husband and had to consolidate everything into one closet and one dresser. (Don’t worry, I got dibs on the tall one.)

So Cla and BnB helped out, giving me the hard truth and convincing me to part with pieces that should have been gone years ago.

And that setup’s been working – aided by frequent “spring” cleaning.

But now, it’s time to downsize again.

In the interest of freeing up space in the bedroom, we decided (I say we – it might have been my idea) to consolidate two dressers into one.

As in, one shared dresser.

And we decided this about two months ago. Right around the time of that Ikea trip I mentioned, when Husband warned me that we couldn’t overstuff the car.

We didn’t overstuff (nothing sticking out the windows!), but we did get a dresser.

And two months later, we finally have it put together.

I’d be lying if I said that consolidating was easy. I have a hard time getting rid of things all at once, which means that I have an ongoing pile of clothes to donate (I might change my mind!) and some piles that just don’t fit in the drawers when everything’s clean. I’ve also had to find new ways to maximize my closet space. (Further suggestions on that are very welcome, by the way.)

But overall, I’d still say that the one dresser move was a good one.

For one thing, the bedroom already looks bigger. For another, having to weed through my wardrobe has uncovered hidden gems that I forgot I had.

Like the gray sequin dress I wanted to wear for New Year’s last year, but couldn’t find. Or the super comfy sweater that got tucked away in the depths of the closet. Or those leather pants that I haven’t worn since…freshman year of college.

On second thought, maybe some things are better left hidden.

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