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I am 29 years old.

I am too old for hickeys.

But apparently, my hungry, teething, 4-month-old did not get that memo.


Thanks a lot, kid.

Note to self: feed him immediately next time.

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Some people are photogenic, no matter what they do.

Some people are especially good at spotting any camera in their vicinity, and can therefore pose and appear to always be photogenic.

I am neither of those people.

And the times that has proven to be most true?

Races. Always races.

Sometimes, the photos aren’t so bad – just goofy looking:


Not the only photo in which I closed my eyes this race.

Granted, running-while-sleeping did result in a PR, but I would still recommend keeping your eyes on the road.

Sometimes, though, the race photos are bad – seriously bad – and belong on Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

Husband introduced me to the site months ago, and I figured I’d submit one of my gems. You know, embrace the ugly.

Chicago - worstfaceever

Chicago Marathon, 2011

I never heard back and never saw it posted, so I assumed it didn’t make the cut and forgot about it.

Until I got an email confirmation last night that it was being added to the queue.

Now, being part of a photo collection with the word “ugly” in the title isn’t exactly something I’ve aspired to in my life, but I was oddly pleased to share.

Maybe it’s because every runner knows that they hit this point eventually, whether the camera captures it or not.

Maybe it’s because I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous I look.

Or maybe it’s because I know from experience that there will always be another photo like this, and you just have to learn to run with it.


Marine Corps Marathon, 2011

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But that’s probably because I have a blog.

And let me tell you, now that we’re in broadcasting mode, I did something drastic.

For a lot of people, haircuts are pretty standard, run-of-the-mill procedures. A few inches off here and there; add some layers; keep it fresh.

I, however, decided that I wanted a new look overall, and that, while I was at it, I might as well donate to a good cause.

So, last night, I went from this:

To this:

And apparently now I have to worry about my tag sticking out…

Now, I’ve had short hair before. But I’d either forgotten or didn’t realize how nervous I would be to chop it all – again.

Yes, I know it grows back, but what if I hated it immediately? What if my face looked too round? Or it made me look too young? Or any number of inane scenarios? The what ifs are endless.

MJ encouraged me. “Even if you don’t like the cut,” she said, “you’ll still love it because you were able to donate your hair.

And she’s right.

do like the style (though it will absolutely take some getting used to), but more than that, I’m glad that someone else will be able to use my former ponytail.

Plus, as an added bonus, with hair this short there’s a significantly lower chance that I’ll be compared to a horse.

Though, I’m not ruling anything out.

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Food bloggers (the good ones, anyway) always seem to take photos of whatever amazing dish they’ve just made or had. Not only do they describe in such a way that you resolve to try it (or try to make it), but the photo then makes your mouth water.

I, on the other hand, when confronted with food of the amazing and mouth-watering variety, tend to scarf it down (while still savoring, naturally) and not remember photos until all you see are the dregs on the plate.

Example: our wedding menu tasting this past weekend.

          (What you don’t see are three extra utensils underneath that napkin.                 I felt like Leo in Titanic.)

Our venue coordinator suggested taking photos of each dish at the beginning, so we could remember each of the individual options, and we agreed that was a good idea. Then the first course was served.

We tried a grilled corn chowder with crab meat so rich and flavorful that I didn’t want to try anything else. I persevered, though, and tasted a butternut squash soup (meh) and a port-marinated pear salad (so light and refreshing!).

And I would love to show you the photos because the presentation rivaled the taste. But did I think to click before I devoured?

Not a chance.

In fact, the only photos I have are of the potential main courses, because our coordinator specifically reminded me.

As for the cake…please. Like I would have let a camera get in between me and my sweet tooth.

Everyone has told me that you don’t actually get to eat at your own wedding.

After this tasting, however, I am more than prepared to buck that trend.

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There’s always something satisfying about crossing an item off a to-do list. But there’s something especially satisfying when that item is #1.

On Saturday, we went Bang Bang. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone at the shooting range was calling it. Or maybe it was just me, but that’s neither here nor there.

The short story is that I absolutely loved it.

The longer story starts with the observation that shooting ranges are surprisingly (to me) popular. We ended up waiting nearly two and a half hours for a lane to open up…then spent about an hour shooting once it was our turn. No wonder the line moves so slowly.

Between BNF and me, we shot 150 rounds using a 9mm. For a first-time user, I have to say the 9mm was pretty user friendly. I adjusted to the minor recoil fairly quickly and didn’t even mind when the casings bounced back and hit me in the head.

I realized, though, that this whole “aiming” thing is harder than it seems. For instance, take a look at this photo:

I felt like I was doing it right, but after I’d shot, we pulled the target back and BNF inspected it, then turned to me. “Wow! Almost all your shots landed right at the zombie’s head!

That’s great,” I told him. “But I was aiming for the girl!” (Not because I’m pro-zombie or anything, don’t be ridiculous. I just thought she was presenting a bigger target.)

Regardless, I did manage to get a few good shots off…

A combination of my shots and BNF's

…and I only knocked the target off once!

The blue guy on the ground was ours. Luckily, we had another blue guy to replace him with.

Next time – yes, there will be a next time – I’ll try something new. Maybe something a little bigger, with a little more boom. And maybe I’ll even aim for the zombie, though that doesn’t mean that his victim will come out unscathed.

Bottom line – I think the gun shop employee said it best, after seeing my reaction to initially being handed the weapon:

Congratulations. It looks like you’ve just started an expensive new hobby.”


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Let me just start by saying that I love my little Ford Focus. I do.

It has done me well these past six years, helping me move from apartment to apartment, and making countless trips up and down I-95. And I have always marveled at how deceptively big it is on the inside – which has been extremely handy in those moving trips.

But this past Saturday I think we finally found its max.

We went to IKEA. I was sure that the bookcase we had our eye on would fit in the trunk, considering we’d previously bought and transported a TV stand and desk without problems.

BNF was sure that the car was too small.

Turns out, he was right this time.

I suppose it didn’t help that the bookcase came in four different boxes. And it also didn’t help that we decided to purchase a GIANT rug in the same trip.

BNF worked some magic with the twine, and it was my brilliant idea to stick the rug through the back windows.

Here, it looks almost comical. On the way home from College Park, however, I spent nearly the entire ride facing backwards, just in case something decided to slide out – poised to grab it if it did.

I’m sure that would have helped.

Regardless, we made it back in one piece, with no lasting damage to the little Focus, and losing nothing along the way.

And while this trip was a success, I suppose, I’m still fairly certain that next time we’ll use an SUV.

Though, as Mama said when I emailed her the photo, “Nothing sticking out of the sunroof – you’ve got plenty of room!

I’m sure that would have worked if we’d gotten pulled over.

Update – the finished product!

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BNF caught me taking this photo as we were on our way back from L.A. yesterday.

Quite honestly, I’d never taken the time to look at the back of my pretzel bag, and had no idea I was missing out on such comprehensive instructions. Or that I was skipping so many steps as I enjoyed my snack.

My favorite, though?

Keep empty packet to remind yourself to book at airtran.com, where you’ll always find our lowest fares.

In other words, “keep your trash so you remember our website, where you may not find the lowest fares ever, but at least they’ll be our lowest.

Oh, AirTran. This ploy just reeks of desperation.

Try a little subtlety next time; it’s become extremely underrated.

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