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Hamels comes through again

On a lighter note – I love winning! Last week, when the Phillies beat the Dodgers to advance to the World Series, they defied the popular predictions that, not only would the NLCS last all seven games, but that the Dodgers would emerge victorious. Ha. My excitement, however, was slightly tempered due to the fact that most of my friends down here either a) despise Philly teams in general, or b) don’t give a damn about baseball.

But the Phillies winning the NLCS (I just love saying it!), is the gift that keeps on giving. I made a bet at the beginning of the series with die-hard Dodgers fan, Arjewtino, that my Phillies would take it. I never win bets. Actually, I refrain from making them because I’m not so great at losing. But the stakes of this one weren’t too troublesome for me: if I’d lost, I would have had to wear Dodgers gear. Yeah, it probably would have stung a bit if I’d been wearing it in response to a Philly loss, but Philly fans are used to disappointment. If I could get past that, it would just be another t-shirt.

Of course, it’s easy to say that now…because I won! And Arjewtino (begrudgingly) paid up, looking stellar in my Cole Hamels t-shirt:

I just hope he doesn’t jinx the team.

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