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Usually, once my Eagles are out of the playoffs (or never even make it), my NFL interest is limited to the Super Bowl. I can appreciate a good post-season game if it’s on, but I don’t especially care who wins, one way or the other.

But this upcoming weekend – Tebow vs. Brady – has piqued my interest.

For starters, we’ll be in Boston visiting friends. I should be rooting for the home team. Especially considering our host has pinned the fate of the universe on the outcome of this game.

The thing is, I just love me an underdog.

Throughout the season I’ve been fascinated, not necessarily with Tebow, but with the fact that people care so much what his motivation is. I suppose it makes for good press – or at least gives people something to write about each week – but it does get old after a while.

Because of all that press, though, I’d really love to see Tebow keep on shocking people. Starting with the Patriots.

I have nothing personal against the team. Except maybe the 2005 Super Bowl and the most recent Eagles-Pats match-up. But really. Nothing personal. I just want Tom Brady to be able to go and spend a little more time at home and with his kids. Is that so wrong?

So, while it definitely won’t be the popular decision in Boston this weekend, I’ll be pulling for an upset. (Sorry, friends.) Preferably one that ends like the Broncos-Steelers game, but you can’t plan for things like that.

Unless you’re Disney.

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Think about it:

  • September’s weather can be a little hit or miss, but October’s usually perfect (minus this rain).
  • It’s the beginning of postseason baseball.
  • There’s Halloween (and, consequently, playing dress up) to look forward to at the end.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, there are always scary/cheesy-scary movies on TV. (If I still had cable, and time, I’d be watching ABC Family’s annual Halloween countdown. One family friendly scary movie every night! Though, that version of scary usually includes Harry Potter…which I’m okay with.)
  • And, of course, October is my biggest race month.

– There’s the super fun Warrior Dash scheduled for next weekend – during which I’ll get an amazing Viking helmet. (Photos to come, post-race.)

– Then the Army 10-Miler two weeks after that, which I’m determined to enjoy more than last year.

– And finally, on Halloween morning, there’s the Marine Corps Marathon. Last year I ran the 10k, this year it’s all 26.2.

One of my 25 goals was to run the MCM faster than I did the National Marathon. As I get closer to the date, I’m honestly not sure that will happen, but I’m still SO excited. The atmosphere is unlike any other race I’ve been a part of – as both a runner and as a spectator.

It’s still nerve-wracking to be starting my countdown now (only 30 days!), but in a good way. I know that the crowds (and, let’s be honest, that enormous medal) will make the hours of running well worth it.

So, even though I don’t really get to celebrate Halloween this year, I’ll survive. And, along with the cheers of Marines, I’ll be rewarded with this:

I’ll just have to save playing dress up for another weekend.

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Just a year ago I was less than pleased with the idea of having Michael Vick on my Eagles. I told you all, I believe in second chances, but couldn’t someone else have offered it to him? Why us? And then, resigned to the fact, I thought, well, it’s fine if he’s on the team, as long as I don’t have to cheer for him.

I guess now is about the time that I start eating my words.

Michael Vick is officially the starting quarterback for the Eagles. And I’m oddly okay with this.

First of all, I don’t miss McNabb. Yes, Redskins fans, I know he led you to a victory against the Cowboys. I know that many of you think that we don’t appreciate everything that he did for Philly, but we do. We just got tired of getting so close to a Super Bowl and never getting a ring.

I was also never a huge Kevin Kolb fan. I don’t dislike him, but he never wowed me. And now he’s taking after his predecessor, getting hurt so early on in the season. I get that football’s a rough and tumble sport and that injuries are inevitably part of the game. But come on.*

So it comes down to Vick. And watching the game on Sunday against Detroit, I have to say it: I was impressed. Sure, the Eagles tried to give the game away toward the end. And there were far too many penalties for my taste. But from what I could tell (and I’m clearly an expert), he was on his game.

And so, at the risk of being a flip-flopper, I’ll be cheering wholeheartedly for Vick against Jacksonville this Sunday. (And even more so against the Redskins in a couple weeks.)

I may still be focusing the majority of my sports attention on my Phillies, but Sundays are for the Birds.

*Yes, I know that it’s not really Kolb’s fault, and that he clearly needs more blocking. That’s just not the point, though.

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About three months ago, I asked for your advice in drafting a winning fantasy football team. My only goal for the season was to not come in dead last…like last year.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, guess who came in second place overall and first in her division this year!

Yes, I'm "Little Giants." And my photo shows up as Becky "The Icebox" O'Shea. Quality.

I never thought I’d be so excited about a fantasy game, but here we are. Playoffs start next week –

Side note: Every time I say “playoffs” I think of “Playoffs?! Are you kidding me?”

– and I actually have a bye. So the next game I play will be in the semifinals. Not too shabby.

I have to be honest, a lot of the credit goes to my brother. He drafted the initial team on my behalf (with some direct requests from me – particularly Larry Fitzgerald and Desean Jackson) and served as a consultant throughout the season. I know I drove him crazy with my anti-drafting/adding-anyone-else-from-the-NFC-East stance, but to his credit, he only tried to sneak a Cowboy on my team once.

I dropped him immediately.

The Cowboy, not my brother.

At this point, I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter how I do in the playoffs. It’s enough to just have made it this far.

But screw that. My competitive streak is kicking into high gear and I’d love nothing more than to actually go from worst to first.

Game on.

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This still isn’t a sports blog, but after watching a handful of football games yesterday (and one VERY important and amazing baseball game last night), I couldn’t resist.

Yeah, my Eagles lost, and that sucks. And they had a fair amount of injuries, which, knowing them, doesn’t bode well for next week’s game.

But then again, next week’s game is against the Redskins – who I’ve almost started to feel bad for. They can’t seem to catch any breaks – or, rather, to do anything right. Although, in professional sports, I’ve never been quite sure who the responsibility lies with, when the team is doing poorly.

  • Some blame the coach. He is, theoretically, the one in charge, who has a handle on the strengths and weaknesses. But what if the team doesn’t have talent in the first place? Or if, for whatever reason, they just don’t mesh? Sometimes the coach can only do so much.
  • Some blame the players, themselves. They clearly have (some of) the necessary skills, otherwise they wouldn’t even be on the professional level. And if the coaching is that bad, shouldn’t the team, in theory, be able to organize itself? Maybe take a stand against poor leadership? A novel idea, I know.
  • And then there are some who blame the owner. And, of the Redskins fans I know, several have taken this route. One, who, during games, has his children chanting, “Fire Snyder! *clap clap clapclapclap*,” even passed along this website, with the same sentiment. I don’t know if you can actually impeach an owner, but if there is a way, I’m sure Washington fans will find it.


Quite honestly, I’m not so concerned with whose *fault* this poor performance is. Intrigued is a better word for what I am. And as much pity as I have for the them, I just hope that they don’t get their act together too much before next week’s Monday night game.

Because I’d really hate to lose to a team whose coach isn’t even allowed to call the shots anymore. That would just be embarrassing.

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I don’t want this to sound like I’m gloating, because I’m not. Not really.

I understand truly disappointing and shocking losses. I’ve even witnessed a few (or too many to mention) in my lifetime. And so, I’d usually try to be sympathetic to Redskins fans after their boys lost to a team that hadn’t won since December 2007.

credit: espn.com

credit: espn.com

Or, rather, I would be more sympathetic if I didn’t get so much crap in this city for being an Eagles fan.

I understand it, of course. I don’t know how it is in other divisions, but in the NFC East the rivalries are extremely deep-seated. I once walked down the street with a friend, while I was wearing my Eagles jersey and he had his Redskins one on, and we were stopped by a stranger.

Whoa,” he said, “Redskins and Eagles? You guys know you’re supposed to hate each other, right?

Only on game day.

(For the most part.)

Skins fans – I can’t say that I’m truly sorry, because that would be a lie. Your losses can only help our ranking within the division. But I can say that I feel your pain – even as I laugh about it a bit. And, as the DCist wrote:

the Lions had to win sometime; it just so happened that it was against the Redskins…just remember: these types of stomach punches are kinda what make sports so good. The masochistic relationship we have with teams which make the high of winning feel that much better.

What a great consolation, right?

Stomach punches really put things in perspective.

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Tonight is a big night. Or it could be, anyway.

Tonight is my fantasy football draft.

If you recall, I didn’t do so well in my league last year. And by that, I mean that I came in dead last. My first mistake was choosing a quarterback who wasn’t even a starter, and it was all down hill from there.

Would I have done better if that were true?

Would I have done better if that were true?

This year, I’ve been following more of the preseason games and trying to stay on top of the injuries, starters, predictions, and all that jazz. I’m determined to do better this year. (To be fair, I really couldn’t do any worse.) But, as much as I’ve been preparing, I could still use any and all advice.

I just have a few conditions:

1) As an Eagles fan, I don’t want to have to root for any other NFC East team. So, as much as it may hurt my chances, I refuse to draft any player from the Redskins, Giants, or Cowboys. (If I’m losing terribly halfway through the season, I reserve the right to change my mind.)

2) I will, under no circumstances, draft T.O.

3) Ditto for Michael Vick.

Hm…okay, so there aren’t as many conditions as I thought. But I could still use a few pointers.

Pretend it’s your fantasy team – who do you want on it?

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