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Back in June I was struggling a bit with what to get the boyfriend for his birthday, when I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Comedy show.

A little Googling of comedians led me to a show in New York (just a car ride away) by one of his favorites: Jim Gaffigan.

Now, maybe you’re like me, pre-boyfriend, and you don’t recognize the name. But you’d probably recognize the face and the voice. Take a little peek at one of my favorite skits:

And, if that’s not enough – another one of his more well-known ones.

In any case, the show was this past weekend (yes, I made the boyfriend wait almost 6 months for his main birthday present – though, I gave him the tickets back in June) and it did not disappoint. I could repeat the lines to you – I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t been quoting them back and forth to each other – but that wouldn’t do it justice.

It was most definitely worth the wait.

And, even though this was a birthday present for the boyfriend, the show, and the weekend, overall, was an oasis of calm for me in my stressful finals desert. Here’s hoping that it’ll be enough to get me through the week, with thoughts of Puerto Rico pushing me along as well.

While we’re at it, do you have any tried and true mechanisms for coping with stress? The laughter was great, but these breathing exercises can only do so much.

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I’ve been thinking about this list off and on for a while now, after a friend brought it up. And frankly, it’s hard. I don’t think I can even commit to the laminated part. Just the top five. And even then I might need a flex spot. Or alternates. Can I do that?

Anyway, in no particular order (although, 1 and 2  are pretty spot on):

1. Jayson Werth

Let’s be honest – I could make an entire top five list out of baseball players. I can think of at least three more off the top of my head. And that’s not including this next guy.

2. Andre Ethier

Not only is he adorable, and an excellent outfielder (which I can say now, in the off season), but he also has his own blog!

3. John Cusack

I’m a sucker for a John Cusack movie. Hello?  Lloyd Dobler? “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.” Not to mention Rob Gordon – who would totally appreciate a top five list.

4. John Mayer

There are certain people you’re attracted to before you even see their face. For me, it was hearing John Mayer’s voice, circa Room for Squares,  that got me hooked. *swoon*

5. Will Smith

Classic example of wanting someone who will make you laugh. Plus, I’m sure he’d be impressed that I still know all (or most) of the words to Big Willie Style. How could he not be?


6. Christian Bale (as long as he’s in a good mood – no hissy fits)

Okay, so there’s just the one alternate for now, but I reserve the right to add more. Or to turn this into a top ten list. Whatever works.

Who’s on your laminated list?

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It’s amazing what a full day of rest and a good night’s sleep can do for you. I’m still not at 100%, but I’m close enough that I’d go crazy if I stayed home for another day. (Especially since I couldn’t even find any good bad TV!) Also, if I’d stayed, I’d be playing catch-up even more than I already am.

So, thanks for all your well-wishes yesterday, and here’s a delightfully (somewhat) inappropriate video for your Thursday viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Another Jon LaJoie classic:

So my sense of humor isn’t that sophisticated.

Laughter’s still the best medicine.

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makes things feel, feel alright.

After reading f.B.’s post yesterday, I got to thinking about what it is that I believe – with evidence or without, for better or for worse. It was a little harder than I expected – not so much figuring out what I believe, but figuring out how to phrase it.

I believe that most people are inherently good – or, at least, that they have some good in them.

I believe that there is more than one right answer.

I believe that romanticizing the past makes it harder to learn from, but easier to live with.

I believe in soul mates – however you define them – and the possibility that you can have more than one in a lifetime.

I believe that intelligence and a sense of humor are two of the sexiest qualities you can find in another person.

I believe that it’s hypocritical for women’s health magazines to advertise diet pills in the back pages.

I believe that Disney movies and romance novels gave me unrealistic expectations about life and relationships – but the fantasy’s still fun.

I believe that Brett Favre should have retired as Packer.

I believe that I’ll eventually figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I believe that some things are supposed to be hard, and that the hard is what makes them great.

Belief, makes things true. Things like you, you and I.

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What? The picture’s not enough? You need a post to go with it? Fine. High maintenance much?

Anywho, reading f.B.’s post yesterday reminded me that I, too, had been slacking in mentioning the upcoming blogger happy hour. And, quite honestly, he pretty much did my job for me. But, unlike f.B., I don’t really feel that bad about only giving notice on a Wednesday, for a Friday happy hour (as if you hadn’t heard about it before…). Because, as much as we like to plan (trust me, I’m a total J), we’re a generation of keeping-our-options-open, as well as one of multi-tasking.

So you have a couple different possibilities for the weekend and can’t quite decide? If the photo above doesn’t sway you, not much I can say will. Or you say you have somewhere else to be this Friday? I’m sure you can squeeze us in before or after. And who knows, maybe you’ll have so much fun that your other plans will fall by the wayside. Stranger things have happened.

And speaking of stranger things, I’ve posted the video before, but I’m still hoping to hear this line at one of our gatherings. And would you really want to miss that?

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After a nice start, a rocky middle, and a most surprising playoffs appearance, I must say that I’m fully enjoying football season this year. Ups and downs make it all the more interesting. Although, I could do without some of the “interesting” when I’m the one sitting on the edge of my chair and praying for just a few more points on the board.

Aside from nail-biting games, football season also offers one thing that I just don’t get from other sports: fabulous commercials. Sure, some of them are cheesy. And some of the ones they come up with during the Superbowl really just seem like fillers. But others…well, they make me laugh every time. I have two current favorites:

1. I know this has been up for a while, but I still love it.

(And I admit: I’ve also sent and received a “Suite Talk.”)

2. I saw this for the first time the other night. (You can stop watching around the half-minute mark.)

(Eli kind of sucks, but what else is new?)

But you see the common thread here? Peyton Manning. I kind of have a little crush. (Okay, fine. A big crush.) He’s not in my top five of cutest quarterbacks in the NFL (see? I pay attention to other teams), but he’s funny!

And honestly, if you can make me laugh, that trumps cookie cutter good looks any day.

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