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‘Twas the day before Christmas, and wouldn’t you know
I still had a little more shopping to go;
To the mall we sped not a moment to spare,
Prepared for the crowds that would surely be there;
The mall it was buzzing, the crowds they were dense,
Shopping on Christmas Eve doesn’t make much sense.
My mission was twofold on this shopping spree,
Part gift for my father, part present for me,
Now I know what you’re thinking, a present for you?
But let me explain; it’s the least I can do.
For a long time now I’ve wanted an iPhone,
My BlackBerry consistently made me groan.
The ‘rents finally agreed, “We’ll get this for you,
But this means no more family plan – you’re through.”
I pondered a bit the benefits and cost,
But the decision was plain and BlackBerry lost.
So at the mall we stopped at AT&T,
And I waited my turn quite impatiently;
You wouldn’t think a switch would be such a hassle,
But really, nothing about it was facile;
I had the info, the account in my name,
But AT&T told me, “You’re not who you claim.
I did not understand, it could not be true,
I answered the questions the best that I knew.
The in-person agent did all that he could,
Assuring headquarters my license was good;
He checked all my IDs and my credit cards, too,
Not sure if anything at this point would do.
And then, like magic, the phone agent gave in,
She told the in-person one, “Fine, you win.
Give this girl an iPhone, I guess she’s all right,
I’m really just tired of putting up a fight.
At least I imagine that that’s what she said,
Because that’s what would have been going through my head.
With this transaction finally completed,
I left the store to get what else I needed;
Of course, I just wanted to play with my new toy,
Angry Birds, Words With Friends, relax and enjoy;
There was still, however, work to be done,
Laundry and cleaning and wrapping – a ton.
Finally I was finished, free time was here!
I could explore the gadget I’d wanted for a year.
I downloaded apps and Bumped information,
And marveled at the speed with much elation;
So this is what a real smartphone does, I thought,
It accesses the web, it works when it ought!
I know the danger of becoming an addict,
It’s something the boyfriend certainly did predict;
But for right now it’s new, so I really don’t care,
I could stop any old time that I want – I swear!
Aside from that danger I really am thrilled,
Except for the prospect of getting billed;
And my parents could tell just how happy I am,
As they rarely saw the phone out of my hand.
But finally they said, with love in their tone,
Merry Christmas, Liebchen, now put down your phone!

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Remember those little white lies I wrote about earlier this week? Well, I have a confession: there’s another one that I’ve been telling myself recently. And it goes something like this:

I don’t really want an iPhone of my own, I just like playing with other people’s. I actually prefer my BlackBerry.

In fairness, when I first started saying it, I believed it wholeheartedly. I loved my BlackBerry. I still do, in fact. But there’s something alluring about the iPhone.


Truth be told, the picture is better. The internet access is generally (not always) faster, and easier to navigate. And I do love the touch screen – sliding pages left and right, zooming in and out with a simple motion.

Then there are the apps. So many toys to play with! When I saw that my BlackBerry had its own VZAppZone, I immediately checked it out, curious if it could compare to all the games, light sabers, and Shazaams that my friends have.

It could not.

I was sorely disappointed.

Perhaps there’s a chance that I’m just not using it right. But, I doubt it. I may not be on the super high end of technology savvy people, but I do know a thing or two.

However, even though I can now, finally admit that I do want my own iPhone, there are still three reasons that keep me coming back to my BlackBerry.

1) Service.

I currently have Verizon. I could probably count on one hand the number of times that I’ve been without service in metros, tunnels, middle-of-nowheres, etc.

2) The touch screen.

I know, I said I liked it before, and I do. But my thumbs don’t. While typing on an iPhone, you, of course, run the risk of hitting the wrong letter, usually on either side of the intended one. I, however, end up hitting about five letters in either direction, because my thumbs are so odd. I’ve had small children ask me what’s wrong with them, and I have a friend who affectionately calls them “toe thumbs.” (I have to believe it’s affectionately, or else my self-conscious level would shoot through the roof.)

Yes, this was two separate photos. Yes, my left thumb is deformed. Guess which thumb I used to suck as a child...

Yes, this was two separate photos. Yes, my left thumb is deformed. Guess which thumb I used to suck as a child...

Regardless, they are not conducive to typing on a touch screen. Boo.

3) Money.

Another mini-confession: I still haven’t completely severed financial ties with Mom and Dad. I pay for everything…except my cell phone bill. Yay for family plans! I’m sure that one day (probably sooner than I’d like) they’ll kick me out – or at least demand payment. But for now, I’m taking my breaks where I can get them. And if that’s X amount of money that I save every month, so be it.

Plus, as a bonus reason, my BlackBerry would never try to censor me like this:

(857): seriously iPhone. Stop autocorrecting all my fucks into ducks. You’re making all my strong worded texts look harmless and adorable.

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