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Every so often I’ll use this little blog to look back and see where I was a year ago. And I pray to God that I’ve made at least some progress since then. It’s often hit or miss. But this time, looking back, it was obvious.

One year ago today, I was taking the GRE. I was stuck in a room with about 10 other people, at any given time, slowly plodding away at questions that were going to decide where (or, whether or not) I went to grad school. I’d been studying for the previous four months; I was nervous as hell; I, of course, had a bit of a head cold and wasn’t allowed to bring my own tissues in (what was I going to do, write the answers on them?); and I was still thrown off by the fact that at one point during my studying I’d forgotten how many degrees were in a triangle.

Now, as of this July 1st (and, speaking of, how is it July already?) not only have I gotten into the program I’d been dreaming about, but I’ll be starting this fall. I’ve already signed up for my classes, and been in touch with one of my future professors. And I’m excited.

I realize, of course, that this makes me sound like a huge dork. And that, perhaps, I won’t be quite as excited when I’m working on a paper all weekend while my friends are out having fun, or when the boyfriend has to come visit me in the library, because that’s the only time we’ll see each other that week. (I’ve already apologized to him in advance for this.)

But it is still exciting to be taking that next step. And to see something I’ve worked so hard for come to fruition.

And that’s enough to make my soon-to-be lack of a social life almost completely worth it.

Wait, what?

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Today’s a little hectic – as Mondays always are after a long weekend – but I promised I’d post the 90s trivia answers, so here we go:

1. Penny Baker, Rich Halke, Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux

Step by Step

2. Lisa Wilkes, Geoffrey, Vy Smith

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Nicely done, Lilu.

3. Susan Bunch, Gavin, Pete Becker


4. Fay Evelyn Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran, Antonio Scarpacci, Lowell Mather

Wings – Good job LA Cochran and Lilu, again.

5. Stingray, Jake Sommers, Sly Winkle

California Dreams – Admittedly, this may have been a bit of a stretch, but I was a sucker for this show and distinctly remember the theme song…

Hope everyone’s having a good day back to work (or, as good as it can be).

Happy 2010!

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Today is shaping up to be annoyingly busy, but I found these little gems the other day and wanted to share (originally from TMZ). I know they’ve been around for a bit now, but they still make me smile.

Particularly these few:

This really makes me wonder if muppets aren't actually based on real people...

The resemblance is uncanny

Now, truth be told, this last one kind of makes me sad. You see, Rizzo was one of my favorite muppets – mostly due to his role in the classic The Muppet Christmas Carol. But now, if I can’t see him without thinking of Ron Jeremy, the movie may be ruined.

Only time will tell.

So who’s your favorite muppet?

And, if you made your own photo like the ones above, who would you consider to be your muppet doppelgänger?

I’m still considering that one.

*I love it when Wiki has the answer: “The word “Muppet” itself was said by Henson to have been created by combining the words “Marionette” and “puppet”; however, Henson was also known to have stated that it was just something he liked the sound of, and he made up the “marionette/puppet” story while talking to a journalist because it sounded plausible.”

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For the longest time, I really wasn’t sure exactly what this day celebrated. I remembered learning that it wasn’t the Mexican Independence Day, but what it actually was didn’t quite stick. Much like any other Americanized celebration, this one centered around food and booze. But, even better? Cinco de Mayo, more often than not, came with a piñata.

Not quite like the pinatas that I grew up with, but useful, no?

Not quite like the pinatas that I grew up with, but useful, no?

Nothing says “let’s party!” like beating open something resembling an animal, in hopes of getting candy (and, apparently, other goodies).

Wait, what? Yeah, I know. That sounded a little funny to me, too. So I did a little research. Via Wiki, por supuesto:

  • There are many hypotheses regarding the origins of piñatas and few reliable sources to confirm or dismiss them. There is no evidence that the olla or piñata existed in Spain prior to the conquest of Mexico, nor did the piñata appear anywhere else in Spain’s Latin America colonies until some time later.
  • In the Mexican Catholic celebration of Christmas, the piñata is traditionally shaped like a seven-pointed star which represents the devil and the seven deadly sins, while the contents are the goods or blessings he is withholding. Striking the devil with faith, symbolized by being blindfolded, releases the blessings. Piñatas are also used at Fiestas.

So, if I understand this correctly, aside from Christmas, there’s no confirmed explanation of what the piñata stands for? I can make up my own meaning at any *other* fiesta? The opportunities are endless! I’m almost overwhelmed.

Our office opted to have a Cinco de Mayo party today; I suggested having a piñata (duh). With this new knowledge, I think the most appropriate shape would be a printer. Because who hasn’t wanted to do this at one point or another?


The piñata then represents a common enemy (helpful in office team building/cohesion) and provides an outlet to vent frustrations (good for mental health). And the candy…well, the candy could represent the release of all the paper jams that you’ve ever experienced.

Or it could just be candy, ’cause god knows you need a sugar rush every now and then to get through the work day.

Now I’m really hoping that they took my piñata suggestion. Or, at the very least, that someone spikes the virgin margaritas.

Fingers crossed!

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