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In the weeks leading up to the half-marathon (which was yesterday), I ran 9 times. Of those runs, only two were 6 miles or more – not even half of a half-marathon.

I basically did everything wrong when preparing for this race.

But still I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could beat my old time of 2:06:50. (Even though my pseudo-secret goal – before lack-of-training was obvious – was under 2 hours.)

So I suited up – complete with a pace band, to keep me on track – and thanked God for yesterday morning’s absolutely perfect running weather.

A recent injury kept Husband on the sidelines, but he biked around the course, looking for (and usually finding) me at certain mile markers. It became a game for me. I knew that the next time I saw him I’d be x% done with the course.

Nothing like a good math problem to distract from how tired your body is.

I was afraid that I’d started off too fast. Afraid that I hadn’t paced myself properly (even with the pace band on my wrist, spelling it out for me). I was afraid that I’d crash before hitting the finish line.

And I could have. Except for two things:

  1. I knew that Husband was waiting at the finish line for me.
  2. I could see from Guillermo that, if I could stay steady, I would achieve my secret goal – by a lot.

So I stayed steady and sprinted the last stretch.

And when I crossed the finish line – finding Husband immediately – Guillermo showed me that it was totally worth it, reading 1:53:58.

At the finish line – I really was happy, but the smile doesn’t quite make it to my eyes because I was about to fall over.

I beat my previous PR by more than 10 minutes, and I came in well under 2 hours.

As I wobbled over to the food and water, Husband was there to hold me up and tell me how proud he was. As well as (understandably) slightly surprised.

You hardly trained for that! You really are a slave to the weather.

He’s right. If there had been any humidity yesterday, I would have been a goner.

But there wasn’t.

So now I have a brand new PR, and one more thing to cross off my list.

*All photos courtesy of Husband. Thank you for finding me.

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One of the best presents this Christmas didn’t come under the tree or in my stocking. In fact, it didn’t even come on Christmas day.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my “kitchen Christmas,” as my mother called it. I needed that new soup pot, chopping knife, and wine rack (which I put together MYSELF – thank you, thank you).

Now all I need is more wine...

Now all I need is more wine...

But, no. The Christmas miracle is this: the Philadelphia Eagles managed to snag the last Wild Card spot in the NFC! Yes, the same Eagles who tied the Bengals, who blew close leads against both the Redskins and the Cowboys, and whose star quarterback was benched after the first half of the game against the Ravens. I, along with many Philly fans, kept repeating the mantra: We still have the Phillies. We still have the World Series. It’ll be okay. The sentiments were less than adequate, however, after the poor showing against the Redskins last week, and I wasn’t feeling very hopeful as I headed off to the bar yesterday to watch my Eagles play the Cowboys. For what I thought would be their last game of the season.

I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong.

44-6. 44-6? Eagles, where did that come from? And can you keep it up against the Vikings next week? You’ve shocked us all, and gotten our hopes up. Please don’t disappoint.

That said, even if they don’t get any further than this wild card spot, there’s always next year.

And besides, a win massacre win (I’ll be nice) against the Cowboys is a pretty fantastic way to end the regular season.

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