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That’s really the most I can say for last night’s Nats vs. Phillies game. That and the fact that the seats Cashew had won were pretty sweet, so I had an excellent view of the loss.

To be honest, I never assume that we’re going to win against the Nats. Especially not with Blanton pitching. (Seriously, why did Charlie keep him in so long?) But I had hoped that we would at least show up to the game.

The final score may have been 7-4, but really, it was not that close.

You know who did do an awesome job, though? Jayson Werth. How fitting.


I know it's hard to tell, but that's Werth at bat. The iPhone zoom leaves a lot to be desired.

Jayson Werth, who I still love, and his delightful scruff helped stomp all over my Phillies. In the early innings, before his solo home run, Philly fans were booing him, in typical Philly fashion. (I can say that. I’m from there.) I, however, to the amusement of the people seated in front of me, yelled over the booing, “I still love you, Jayson!” Because I do.

I don’t want to say that that’s what gave him the kick to have such a great game, but I don’t know that it’s not.

The thing is, I want him to do well. I like cheering for him. But there are 144 games where he’s not playing the Phillies and I don’t understand why he can’t limit his stellar performances to those.

Am I really being too high maintenance here?

Regardless, there are two games left in this series, and I’ll be at the Thursday one, watching Cliff Lee work his magic.

In the meantime, I’ll be praying that the Nats exhausted all their bat power last night. It’s one thing to lose a game. It’s quite another to lose the series.

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I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but today is a very important day.

Today is the beginning of baseball season.

Now, I know that spring training has been going on for about a month now, and that’s been great. It would have been even greater if I’d managed to make it down to Clearwater to stalk see my players. But, that said, the regular season is just different.

Today starts the beginning of the 162 games that will determine whether your team is still playing through October, or whether they’re simply watching the games on TV.

It is not in my nature to be optimistic about my Phillies. That’s not to say that I don’t cheer for them, and cheer hard, because I do. You know this. (I’m also a big fan of tough love.) But I’m always just *cautiously* optimistic. Because it hurts so bad when you get your hopes up and fucking Cody Ross and Juan Uribe and some jerk they call Panda completely shatter your dreams.

But I digress.

This year it’s hard to not be a little optimistic – even with right-field feeling a little empty. Our pitching line-up is sick. There’s a reason that Phillies fans have been posting this photo all over the place:

(Sorry Blanton.)

Even the experts are on our side (for the most part). Of the ESPN season predictions by 45 analysts:

  • 42 put the Phillies in the post-season.
  • 27  have the Phillies becoming the National League Champions
  • 7 have picked the Phillies to win the World Series.

Now before you go telling me how that doesn’t mean anything, and it’s hard to predict how a season’s going to go, etc – save your breath. I know. But I also like knowing that there are people out there – experts – who have faith in my team’s ability. Because even when it hurts, I do, too.

I’ll be cheering the Phillies on when they visit DC in a couple weeks and my only wish is that they’d get here sooner.

Well, not my only wish. But some things are better left to the imagination.


I'll use any excuse to put this photo in a blog post.

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As we were driving back from New York this past Sunday night, the boyfriend got a text which caused him to gasp (in a totally manly way) and turn to me with this declaration: “This news will change your life.”

A little dramatic, right?

Maybe, but not when the news is JAYSON WERTH GOT SIGNED BY THE NATIONALS!

Hold on. Let me breathe.

And let me be clear: in my ideal world, Werth would have stayed a Phillie. I love him. I love him on my team. He is a star in Philly and was instrumental in our past few post-seasons.

BUT, if that can’t happen, what more could I ask for than that he move to my current city so I can stalk see him so much more often? I can go to any game I want an ogle right field.

I’ll still see this, in just a slightly different red:

I'll use any excuse to put this photo in a blog post.

(Though, it has to be said, he’ll always look best in a Phillies uniform.)

Now, Werth being in the city means more opportunities to meet him. (By “opportunities” I mean staking out Nats Stadium on game day.) And meeting him would lead to checking off the “life dream” part of my 25 for 25.

You might argue that my goal was to meet a Phillies player, something that Werth no longer is. But to that I very eloquently say, so what? To me he’ll always be a Phillie, and he is still my favorite.

Because I’ve been so open about my obsession crush, I had several people texting and emailing me the news Sunday night. And one of my favorite emails was this one, from SuperMom:

[Liebchen]…you lucky lady.  Werth will be in your town for the next seven years!  Thoughts of seeing him all summer should keep you warm on these cold winter days!

She has an excellent point.

Baseball season can’t come soon enough.

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I had planned to participate in TMI Thursday this week. There’s just something fun about trying to gross people out. But last night, this happened:


That’s right. The Phillies beat the Dodgers in five games to advance to the World Series! (Funny – it almost feels like last fall again.) And my favorite Phillie, Mr. Jayson Werth (who, if you remember, I may have stalked when he came to play the Nats), had two home runs!

My mom texted me just as the game ended (right before midnight), and asked if I’d be wearing my Phillies t-shirt to work today. I wish, Mama, I wish.

Frankly, I don’t know how I’m supposed to work today – it’s hard to concentrate when you’re on cloud nine.

The World Series starts next Wednesday, and if you’re looking for someone to root for, may I suggest these National League Champs? ESPN can give you 15 reasons, but I think my favorite is number eight:

Reason No. 8 — This One’s For Harry
Beloved. Adored. Revered. Respected. Remembered. Every single day.

There’s a reason why the Phillies keep Harry Kalas’ sportcoat and a pair of his loafers in their dugout each game and wear a patch with his initials on their unis. The legendary play-by-play man, who died earlier this season, was, as our Jayson Stark so eloquently wrote at the time, “the soundtrack of Philadelphia Phillies baseball.”

If the Phillies beat the Yankees, Manuel ought to spray champagne on Harry’s jacket. For old time’s sake.

God, I love October. Go Phils!

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I resisted Harry Potter for a long time. The first book came out in 1998, but the series wasn’t on my radar for another two years or so. One night, I was babysitting the kids next door and they started to rave about it. Given that they were all in elementary school at the time, I chalked it up to a good way to keep kids interested in reading, but figured it wasn’t for me. I mean, a boy wizard? A whole other magical world? Muggles? Don’t be ridiculous.

Then, in the fall of 2000, I was on a plane to California for a cousin’s wedding and I realized that I had forgotten to pack reading material for the six hour flight. Fail. My mother saw this as her golden opportunity to force Harry Potter on me, as she’d been swept away by the stories, as well. After just a few chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I was hooked. In a way, I felt lucky that I’d started the series later, because by that point the first four books had already been published. I could tear through them without waiting impatiently for the continuation of the story. Waiting is torture when you’re so engrossed in a plot – as I found out during the time between the fifth, sixth, and seventh installments.

Ron might be my favorite...look at that face.

Ron might be my favorite...look at that face.

I distinctly remember reading the fifth book on the beach; the sixth on a plane; and the seventh book over the course of about eight hours – all of them within a day or two of being published. And when the movies started coming out? I can’t begin to explain how excited I was. (I may or may not have seen the first one on opening night.)

But I confess: while I continue to be able to read the books over and over (and over) again, the movies have started to leave me slightly disappointed. I understand that it got harder and harder to fit everything into two hours – or even three – which is part of the reason why movie number seven is rumored to be released in two parts. But I cannot understand why it’s necessary to change the sequence of events or who said certain key lines. And there was something about the last movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, that just felt off. I left the theater upset because my expectations were unmet and frustrated that the directors couldn’t see that they hadn’t stayed true enough to the original story.

I fear that the next movie, which comes out on Wednesday, will be another source of disappointment. I will see it. Don’t get me wrong. The trailers look phenomenal.

But I’m almost afraid to be even cautiously optimistic; I’m just plain cautious.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t want to be pleasantly surprised. Plus, I still kind of wish that I could Apparate.

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A while ago, I was talking to a friend about the classic group dance songs that are always played at weddings and what not. I can’t even imagine how it came up, but we each reminisced about our experiences with the Macarena and the Chicken Dance. Then I asked him:

“What about the Electric Slide?”

“I mean, I’ve done it, but I’m always the guy that’s about a step behind everyone else.”

“What about…the Cha Cha Slide?” [Because it’s *so* different than the electric. Duh.]

[beat] I’m pretty sure that’s the song they play when you’re in line for hell. That’s what I imagine. The Cha Cha Slide playing over and over and over and over.”

I burst out laughing, but then thought that he might have a point. And while the Cha Cha Slide may not be on my waiting-line-for-hell playlist, I can think of at least five others that would definitely make the cut:hey-mickey

5. Hey Mickey!

I have a mini-confession first: I actually enjoy this song – in extremely small doses. (I’ll even, on occasion, bust out my best “Bring It On” moves. Sorry, no videos.) But, if it were playing in a waiting line, over and over and over and over…well, I might just want to shoot myself.

4. Milkshake

Damn right it’s better than yours. Wait, what?

3. Pretty much any Hannah Montana song

This may be a cop out not choosing just one, but they all sound the same to me. And they’re all annoying after, oh, I don’t know, 5 seconds? Ten, maybe, if I haven’t heard it before. I’ll even give them a minute, if I’m feeling particularly “tween”-y that day. But on a continuous loop? No dice, Miley/Hannah.

2. The Song That Never Ends

I suppose by its very nature, this couldn’t actually be on a playlist. It would be its own playlist. And it would be a sufficient enough hell all by itself. I remember singing it on road trips and at camp, as a kid, and I’m really not sure how my parents and counselors maintained their sanity. Stupid Lambchop.

1. Chicken Noodle Soup

This song truly drives me crazy. I see no merit in lyrics that go, “chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side.” Are you ordering a meal or did I miss the hidden meaning? (Which is entirely possible.) Regardless, if I hear this song multiple times in a row, or even once, all the way through, I will expect to see a man with a red pointy tail and a pitchfork. There’s no way that Satan won’t be involved if “Chicken Noodle Soup” is on repeat.

But hey, that’s just me. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting…or have blocked from my memory. So, what songs would be on your hell playlist?

Please tell me I’m not alone with “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

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One of my new (within the past year) TV obsessions is NCIS. I started watching one day when there was a marathon on TBS and have been hooked ever since. But only recently have I started watching the new episodes.

Last night, I recognized not one, but two actors from other TV shows I used to watch, who I just couldn’t take seriously after seeing them in their past roles. (This may mean that I watch too much TV. We can revisit that later.)

1) Danneel Harris

Danneel as Rachel Gatina - teen soap brat and a half.

Danneel as Rachel Gatina - teen soap brat and a half.

Don’t recognize the name? She was the bitch (one of them) on One Tree Hill. She was everything from bad girl to best friend to reformed to druggie to rehabbed. But to see her playing a lab assistant in NCIS? Well, Rachel Gatina wouldn’t be caught dead in a lab. Unless she was having sex there.

2) Chris Carmack


Ah, Luke Ward. Cheating boyfriend and badass jock extraordinaire of the O.C. Maybe his character last night wasn’t quite as much of a stretch. He was essentially a no-good ex-fiance. (Not for cheating this time, but for orchestrating the murder of his fiancee’s father. Some people are so picky.)

Maybe it’s just me that has trouble with this. I know actors usually don’t want to be typecast or pigeonholed. And I’m sure that these two appreciate the chance to move from teen soap to legit crime drama.

But I don’t think I can take seriously someone whose best known line is: “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!


Sorry, Chris. Maybe next time.

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