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I’ve been volunteering a lot recently with the kids at church. It was one of my 27 goals, but it was also something that I’d been missing since coming to DC.

Through many years of babysitting, tutoring, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering at camp, I’ve worked with just about every age group, and have had clear favorites over the years.

Usually, when pressed, I’ll list middle schoolers as my favorites to work with. They don’t have the high school attitude yet, but they don’t require the same kid gloves as elementary schoolers do. So middle school usually wins.

But recently, the early elementary crowd has been pulling ahead. That’s the age group that I help teach some Sunday mornings. It’s also the age group that is, I think, the most inclined toward total honesty.

Toward the end of one lesson the kids were coloring, and one started singing “Dynamite.” (You haven’t truly heard Taio Cruz until you’ve heard it from a six-year-old.) I had it on my phone, so I played it for them, which, of course, sparked further requests.


Call Me Maybe!

Billy Joel!

Ah, a kindred spirit. (Fun side note: Billy Joel was my first concert.)

As the sounds of “Call Me Maybe” eventually filled the classroom, Aiden – the little boy who had requested it – confided just why he liked it.

I like this song because I like to chase girls.”

And Astrid, the little girl who had requested Billy Joel, responded in much the same way I think I would have at that age.

You can chase me if you want!

Kindred spirits, indeed.

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5 days.

In just 5 days I’ll be participating in my second marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon. The closer it gets, the more excited (and nervous) I become. Logically, I know I can do this because I’ve done it before. But this is also a different course, a different crowd, and different weather, and anything can happen.

As I did last time, I would encourage all of you in the area to come out to the race. I know it’s on Halloween, so you might have been out late the night before, but that’s okay – come in costume! Spectating for this race is an experience in and of itself.

But aside from crowd support, I’m going to ask your help with one more thing: music.

Before the last marathon I asked for your suggestions and I filled my racing playlist with all of it. It was exactly what I needed.

Now, I’m looking to spice it up a little bit more and add some new sounds into the mix. So what new songs have you discovered over the summer? Or, what old ones have you rediscovered? What gets you going in the morning, before work, or excited for a night out?

Feel free to send your suggestions all week – I’ll be in the process of constantly updating my iPod until race day.

In between continuing to question my sanity, of course.

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You know what tomorrow is. And let me repeat, you’re more than invited to participate – in any way you choose. Support is key.

I am currently spending my morning trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach and reminding myself that I can do this – that I’ve prepared for it as much as I can.

  • I’ve done the training runs.

I know for a fact that my body can go up to 20 miles and still function. At least minimally.

  • I’ve got the fuel.

I’ve been carbing up and hydrating all week, and I’m prepared for a delicious pasta dinner tonight.

  • I’ve got the tunes.

Thanks to your contributions the other day, I have more than enough music to power me through 26.2. And some that I’ll be playing on repeat.

  • I’ve got a support system.

When we signed up for this race, one of the required sections asks, “Will you be met by someone on-site post-race?” And if you answer “yes,” the response fills in with “YES – I will have a support group.” When I registered, I didn’t realize why this was a necessary field. Now, even after just training runs, I completely understand why it’s so important.

It’s so someone can catch you when your knees buckle.

Even though I know what a marathon does to your body, and it’s not good, I am so SO excited to do this. And to end this “psych up” on a truly motivational (cheesy?) note, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite Runner’s World quotes, that will probably be running through my head as I, well, run:

  • It should make us proud to know we are part of a running lineage that stretches back from the original Olympic Games in 776 BC to this very moment. ~Michael Sandrock
  • I don’t train to beat another runner. We are out there together, competing with the marathon, and I train to run the marathon as fast as I can. ~Juma Ikangaa

And, if all else fails:

  • Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run. ~Jumbo Elliot

Thank you guys for all your support, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you post-26.2!

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I think it’s probably safe to say that I’ll be thinking about running and racing non-stop from now until about noon on Saturday. Not that it’s been very far from my mind since I signed up for this whole marathon craziness last July, but it hasn’t been as all-consuming.

But now it’s 3 days away.

(Or, to be more exact) 2 days 17 hours and so many minutes and seconds, thanks to the official countdown on the website.)

And I need to keep reminding myself to breathe. That I’ve trained for this. That it won’t kill me. And that I’ll get a super sweet medal out of the deal when I’m done.

So I’m asking (again) for your help with a certain aspect of my preparation. Aside from the crowd support, one of the big motivators during running is the playlist. Whether you run, bike, or just hold spontaneous dance parties in your apartment (just me?), what is your favorite song to move to? What gets you pumped up?

I’ve got 5 hours to fill, people. I think I can fit any song you offer onto this playlist.

As a kind of totally NSFW aside, even if you think I’ve become a crazy runner, I still haven’t signed up for a camp like this. At least…not yet.

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Well, we got the snow a dusting, but apparently the federal government doesn’t believe in “dusting days.” Not even a delayed opening. Rats.

So I’m here. In my cubicle. Working as much as anyone does on the Friday of what has felt like a ridiculously long week. And in lieu of a real post, I’m giving you a song that I’ve had stuck in my head for the past few days or so:

I might have a little bit of a girl crush on Rihanna. Maybe. Just a little bit.

Can you blame me?

Happy Friday!

Update: Apparently this song, that I love, is something of a fake. My world’s just been rocked. But…I still like it. *And* Rihanna. So there.

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I made a startling discovery the other night, as I sorted through various CD cases that I had tucked away amids the DVDs in my TV stand. I was looking for one of my John Mayer CDs (judge if you must, but I love him – particularly Room for Squares) when I found a relic from my middle school years.

Yeah. I own that CD.

So, of course, I couldn’t not listen to it after finding it – I thought I’d lost it years ago.

But the startling discovery wasn’t that I found it (or even that I had it in the first place, please), but that I still know all the words to every song.

How is it that I can’t remember details from my contemporary politics classes in college (which I enjoyed, mind you), but I know all the words to Miami?

Or, that I have trouble remembering if I’ve worn the same outfit within a two-week period, but I can sing (and dance to) Men in Black?

Or, that I can only recite about three full sentences from my years of Chinese tutoring, but Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It is etched in my brain?

I feel like these lyrics are taking up valuable memory space that could be used for something far more relevant. I can practically guarantee that I will never go on a job interview and be asked to rap anything, let alone a Will Smith song.

So I’d like to do a little switching up. Sub out Will Smith and sub in…I don’t know, something else that will actually help me in life.

Or, really, anything that doesn’t have me singing na na na na na na na.

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All I can say is thank GOD it’s finally Friday. This week, while busy, felt like it took forever to go by. I’m hoping that the hours until the weekend go significantly faster, but I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime, I’m leaving you with this song that I can’t get out of my head. It was running through there as I fell asleep last night, again when I woke up, and the whole way to work this morning – even as I listened to other songs on my iPod. I don’t know if that means it’s really good, or I’m just in a rut. But either way, here you go:


(You can listen to the original version here, but the acoustic has really grown on me.)

Happy Friday the 13th! Anyone superstitious?

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