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Last week before the wedding I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. I’ve never been good at painting my own nails, and I wanted them to look nice for the event. Plus, to be fair, I didn’t want to have to deal with my own feet.

You see, running has wreaked havoc on my little footsies. I have constant calluses and blisters (probably from continuing to pick…at both), and at least two of my toenails are black and bruised at any given time. And I still have one that hasn’t grown back.

I know, I know. Rawr. Totally sexy.

What I *wish* my feet looked like on a regular basis. So very far off...

Anyway, whenever I get a pedicure, I always apologize to the pedicurist before she starts. We both have a little laugh, she assures me it’s not a big deal (probably a lie), and we spend the rest of the time gossiping and/or making small talk. That’s just how it works.

Except for this last time.

I would say something – my apology, a comment on the color, this, that, or the other thing – and my pedicurist would say nothing. She’d look at me, maybe acknowledge that I’d spoken with a movement of her head, and then look back down at my feet.

Now, I’ve had a pedicure or two in my day, and my pedicurists have ALWAYS been chatty. And I appreciate that. A little chatter passes the time, and doesn’t make me feel as awkward about someone being so intimate with all my missing toenails.

But this one? Nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciated the pedicure, and I’ll probably even try the place again, but if I get the same girl I’ll definitely be grabbing a magazine.

Ladies – if you’re getting your nails done, do you prefer someone chatty? Or just to be left alone?

Gentlemen – Well, first things first, have you ever actually gotten either a manicure or a pedicure? And if not, what would convince you to do it? (It’s okay. This is a safe place.)

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When I got an invite to a BOCA sponsored spa night in D.C., I thought it might be a mistake. Or that there was a catch. What do you mean I get to go get pampered for free? No comprendo. But there was no catch. And I loved every minute. Especially hanging out with all these fabulous ladies.

Some highlights:

1) Getting my hands and legs massaged (during the mani/pedi) while sipping wine. No downside!

2) The bathroom was *gorgeous*, fully stocked, and roughly the same size as my apartment.

3) This is where it gets fuzzy: I think I got an empanada some time after the pampering. If I did, it’s totally a highlight (I prefer empanadas to jumbo slice). If I didn’t, there’s always this weekend.

4) I got a ride back to my apartment from Deutlich (right?). Although, I remember sitting in the back of the car at one point and thinking, Wow, this cab is really nice.

5) I woke up at 5am, fully dressed – including my shoes, jewelry, and coat. I changed, but now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have. It would have been much easier to roll in to work not worrying about what to put on.

6) For all that we drank before, during, and after the spa night, I’m not hungover at ALL.

I’m still drunk.

Maybe I should have started with that disclaimer.

So, for your Friday enjoyment, watch this:

Maybe you’ve already seen it. Maybe you think it’s as funny as I do. Maybe you think it’s stupid. Whatever.

I’m drunk.

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