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Back in June I was struggling a bit with what to get the boyfriend for his birthday, when I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Comedy show.

A little Googling of comedians led me to a show in New York (just a car ride away) by one of his favorites: Jim Gaffigan.

Now, maybe you’re like me, pre-boyfriend, and you don’t recognize the name. But you’d probably recognize the face and the voice. Take a little peek at one of my favorite skits:

And, if that’s not enough – another one of his more well-known ones.

In any case, the show was this past weekend (yes, I made the boyfriend wait almost 6 months for his main birthday present – though, I gave him the tickets back in June) and it did not disappoint. I could repeat the lines to you – I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t been quoting them back and forth to each other – but that wouldn’t do it justice.

It was most definitely worth the wait.

And, even though this was a birthday present for the boyfriend, the show, and the weekend, overall, was an oasis of calm for me in my stressful finals desert. Here’s hoping that it’ll be enough to get me through the week, with thoughts of Puerto Rico pushing me along as well.

While we’re at it, do you have any tried and true mechanisms for coping with stress? The laughter was great, but these breathing exercises can only do so much.

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I know I’ve mentioned it a time or two or ten, but I’ve been trying to cram as much fun as I can into this summer, in the hopes of stocking up before going back to school.

What do you mean it doesn’t work like that?

I realized, however, this past week, that school starts a little sooner than I’d thought. Actual graded classes do, in fact, begin on the 30th. So it may seem like I still have two full weeks. But I don’t.

Sadly, I had to sign up for an economics refresher course. (Yes, had to. Econ is not my friend, and it’s been over four years since I’ve had any exposure.) That course, actually split into both macro and micro, meets from 5:00pm to 9:20pm. And it starts on Monday. And lasts right up until two days before *real* classes start.

Goodbye, summer. It was fun while it lasted.

In honor of the end, I’ll be spending the weekend at Lake Anna, on my brother’s boat, attempting to water ski. I’ve tried twice before. Neither time has been successful.

The boyfriend has promised to record the debacle so, if you’re lucky, there will be a Monday video to make you chuckle.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to stand up on the skis and keep my bathing suit on all at once.

Dare to dream.

Happy Friday!

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Do you remember when you were in high school, and you were just starting to figure out your future? You’d probably taken the SATs and started weighing what was important to you in a college – large vs. small; close to home vs. farther away; party school vs. well, not. And you most likely went on several campus tours, in an effort to get the full effect of the school and make an informed decision.


For me, all that was junior year. Mama and I went on a road trip during my spring break and visited four different schools throughout Virginia, D.C. and Maryland. We had a variety of experiences, ranging from an over zealous tour guide to an administration with an inflated ego to a group of bikers who thought it would be fun to zoom around and cut in front of the little blonde girl driving down I-95. That was super fun.

But it was all totally worth it, because, when I walked onto the campus of my now alma mater, I knew that was where I wanted to go. I don’t always trust my gut, but I’m so glad I did then.

Where I spent four years...so pretty (and green) that you'd never guess it was right in Baltimore.

Where I spent four years...so pretty (and green) that you'd never guess it was right in Baltimore.

Tonight, I’m having dinner with some family friends, whose daughter is going through similar situations right now. She’s actually visiting all the same schools that I did (plus a few more) and I can only hope that her experiences are just as positive (or interesting – or both). I think I’ve been recruited for dinner, partly to talk to her about the schools, and to get her more excited about going.

And, of course, to offer her these pearls of wisdom:

1) Do not judge the entire college based on your tour guide – even though it will be sorely tempting. Nine times out of ten they are NOT representative of the student body at large. Of course, there are always exceptions.

2) Despite what they say, and what specials are offered when you visit, cafeteria food will undoubtedly get old after a while. And you will eventually buy Ramen or EasyMac (or both) and keep snacks in your room for when you just can’t handle the dining hall anymore. Just embrace it.

3) Make sure you like the school colors/logo/mascot. Perhaps not the most important element, but important, nonetheless. Not only will you be rocking the college gear, but your parents will stock up on magnets, car decals, hats, clothing and possibly even a flag for the front yard. (No? Just my parents? All right, then…)

That’s all I have for now, but, please, help me out here. What did you wish you knew before (or during) any college visits?

Gotta get this girl prepared.

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