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My body doesn’t seem to agree with me that it’s better to stay home sick on rainy days as opposed to gorgeous ones like this. The sunshine through my window just feels like it’s mocking me.

But then again, I’m not completely surprised. My body and I disagree on a lot.

You may win for now, body, but if I have anything to say about it, this will come true (or, at least, be possible) by the end of the day:

I can't even take credit for finding this one on my own. My mom sent it to me the last time I was sick.

I mean, I do have dinner plans, so it’d be nice.

Let’s go, ginger ale, work your magic!

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This morning was rough. And not the usual I’m-so-tired, or oh-crap-I’m-late kind of rough. But the, well-that-was-almost-a-specatcle kind.

I nearly fainted on the bus on the way to work this morning.

There was overheating, nausea, dizziness and slightly blurred vision (who knew that the whole “swimming before your eyes” expression was actually spot on?). And before I could fall over (which I was trying to avoid mostly because I didn’t want my purse to spill out everywhere), I quickly asked the woman next to me if I could please sit down.

Actually, if I’m being honest, it was more like me panting, “I need to sit,” practically hunched over, and her probably being worried I’d vomit on her. But nevertheless, she ceded her seat to me.

And then, as I looked up to thank her, I realized she was pregnant. Yeah, I’m the jerk who made a pregnant lady give up her seat on the bus.

I feel like I’ve just hit a new low.

P.S. When I emailed my boyfriend the recap of the bus situation, after expressing appropriate concern and laughing at me a litle bit, of course, he sent this little gem:

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

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Without fail, I always get sick right around Thanksgiving.

I used to chalk it up to the stress of impending finals, but now that I’ve been out of school for a couple years, I wonder if my body has just gotten into a bad habit. Jerk.

My head feels like it weighs about 20 pounds, and I’ve got that it-sounds-sexy-until-I-start-coughing-and-hacking-up-a-lung voice going on.

I remembered feeling sick around this time last year, too, and actually looked back through my posts to see if I’d mentioned it. And I had. On the exact same day a year ago. Not funny, body. Not funny.

Although, I did like the photo I found for last year’s post, so I’m shamelessly reusing it:

The sad part is that I did actually try to go into work this morning. I lasted an hour.

What a waste of a cute outfit.

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Please pass the Dayquil


I’m not usually a fan of the “LOL cat speak,” but if the shoe fits…

This is NOT a good start to holiday party season.

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