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…and just revel in the shmoopiness of the day.

Personally, I like to revel with this video:

As I’ve said before, I just like liking things.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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And still with the same propensity for bright colored graduation shoes:

This weekend was amazing. I felt so incredibly lucky to have my parents, BNF, and so many friends come out and celebrate with me.

If you start in the middle and work around, the cupcakes read “Congrats Epod,” courtesy of MJ! Those cupcakes were in high demand at the bar.

The past two years have both dragged on and flown by, if that makes any sense. And while I’m glad I went back for my degree, I can’t say that I’ll miss being a student.

Remember future-Elizabeth, we’re done with school now.

Cheers to that!

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From December 2010:

“2010 seems hard to beat, but I think 2011 is up to the challenge.

Next year will see more marathons (or, at least one); the halfway point of my grad school career; five weddings within a three month period (plus another one over Labor Day); hopefully the completion of my birthday list; and a potential trip to Buenos Aires.

I can’t wait to see what else 2011 has up its sleeve.”

  • That potential trip to Buenos Aires turned out to be a beautiful reality. It was relaxing, warm, and amazing to meet so much of BNF’s family and friends. And my Spanish was passable, so I’ll count that part a success.

  • I didn’t fully complete my birthday list, but I did come up with a new one for 26 that I’m slowly working my way through.
  • The weddings were fantastic. We danced and ate and celebrated fairly consistently from March through June (and then in September).

  • At this point, I only have one semester left of grad school, and this past semester was the best one so far.
  • And as for the marathons…well, I grossly underestimated how many I’d be doing in 2011.

  • But the best surprise of all of 2011 was the proposal. Talk about having something up your sleeve!

2010 was a hard act to follow, but 2011 did just fine. And 2012 has a clear advantage, because how could I not be excited about the year in which I get married and get my M.A.?

I love making resolutions, mostly because I love making to-do lists, but at the same time I haven’t really made any these past few years, and things seems to be falling nicely into place. So I think I’ll stick with that method.

No resolutions, just happy years.

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Back in June I was struggling a bit with what to get the boyfriend for his birthday, when I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Comedy show.

A little Googling of comedians led me to a show in New York (just a car ride away) by one of his favorites: Jim Gaffigan.

Now, maybe you’re like me, pre-boyfriend, and you don’t recognize the name. But you’d probably recognize the face and the voice. Take a little peek at one of my favorite skits:

And, if that’s not enough – another one of his more well-known ones.

In any case, the show was this past weekend (yes, I made the boyfriend wait almost 6 months for his main birthday present – though, I gave him the tickets back in June) and it did not disappoint. I could repeat the lines to you – I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t been quoting them back and forth to each other – but that wouldn’t do it justice.

It was most definitely worth the wait.

And, even though this was a birthday present for the boyfriend, the show, and the weekend, overall, was an oasis of calm for me in my stressful finals desert. Here’s hoping that it’ll be enough to get me through the week, with thoughts of Puerto Rico pushing me along as well.

While we’re at it, do you have any tried and true mechanisms for coping with stress? The laughter was great, but these breathing exercises can only do so much.

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On the 5th of every month, bloggers from around the world are open to write about rights and issues concerning women. First started by Shine and Marie, we’re hoping to bring a variety of women’s issues to the forefront to make people aware of what’s going on. For the month of May, we’ve chosen to write about Women’s Reproductive Rights and Issues. Please join us in telling us your stories, thoughts, and ideas on a monthly basis. To read the first installment, click here.

I’ve always imagined that it must be hard to work at a Planned Parenthood. I imagine that you want to be supportive of your patients and thankful, even, that some of the younger, teenage visitors have recognized you as a resource, and have taken that often terrifying step of coming in. And I imagine that you want to be cautious of seeming judgmental, while at the same time perhaps not condoning every situation that you see. I imagine that it might sometimes be hard to keep personal feelings in check.

The first time I went to Planned Parenthood was almost nine years ago so that I could start birth control. And that was when I met Mary.

She was my nurse, and one of the kindest women I’ve met. She could tell that I was nervous, and attempted to put me at ease.

She asked me about my boyfriend, who I’d told her was waiting in the lobby for me.

She smiled, she was gentle, and she didn’t judge me for my age, even though she was old enough to be my mother.

She made me feel free and comfortable to ask any questions that I might have. And did I ever. I left Planned Parenthood that day so much more relaxed than when I had gone in.

Fast forward a couple years later, when I had been off birth control for a few months, but, due to a blossoming relationship, wanted to go back on. Without going into too much detail, there had been some minor contact and, even though I knew I was all right, I just wanted to make sure before going back on the pill. So I scheduled another appointment and wasn’t nearly as nervous as the first time, after having Mary as my nurse.

I don’t remember the name of the woman who saw me this time. What I do remember is telling her my situation and her condescending tone when she asked, “How could you have let that happen?” I remember being shocked and shamed, and thinking that her reaction was uncalled for. I wasn’t asking for sympathy by any means – just a little understanding. And I was already there. I was taking care of myself.

After that appointment, I stopped going to Planned Parenthood. It was a combination of that particular attitude, and the lucky fact that my mom was supportive and willing to help me find a gynecologist.

But that experience made me so grateful for people like Mary, who are able to make a potentially scary experience a little less frightening, and who can put others at ease with a smile and some small talk.

And it made me recognize just how important the right attitude can be in such sensitive situations.

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I know that this video has made the rounds by now, but I think it’s perfect for this dull, dreary Friday.

Both funny and nice to look at.

Win win!

Happy weekend!

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This is not a running blog, nor was it ever intended to be. But running is such a big part of my life that I couldn’t leave it out if I tried. And now it’s an even bigger part, because this past Saturday was Marathon Day.

The day I’ve been blabbering about for the past week or so.

The day that I’d been trying to train for since November, and actually training for since February.

The day that made me realize just how much my body is capable of.

The distance is a little off because we ran through tunnels, and my official time was 4:58:57, but this is what I saw when I crossed the finish line.

I could tell you about every mile – how it felt, what obstacles were there, whether or not I felt prepared – but I won’t (unless you ask). That’s what running friends are for. We like to be “bored” with those little details. We like to analyze the rolling hills and where the terrain was best and worst. We like to note how our form changed with our energy level.

Around mile 12

Instead I’ll tell you that the crowd support, particularly throughout Dupont and Adams Morgan made all the difference. I thought that I knew it would, but it mattered so much more than I expected. I nearly cried when I saw Cla, and I was so excited to see BNB and HeeHa right before the big hill. From there on out, I saw a familiar face –  RB, Vandy, JVo, Greater, DVo – every mile or two, right up to mile 20.

That's the 15 mile grin, right there

And knowing that I was going to keep seeing my parents and MJ’s mom and aunt as they rushed around to various points of the course gave me something to look forward to. Every photo they took has me smiling because I was so incredibly grateful to have people there to support me.

Are we actually elite runners? Well...define elite...

And despite the aches and pains that I do feel (it’s true what they say – it is easier to walk down stairs backwards after a marathon), I had an amazing time.

Call me crazy, but I definitely want to do another one.

Marine Corps – I’m looking at you.

Thank you guys again for all your support and I promise, I’ll lay off the running (posts) for a bit.

At least until next week.

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