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I’m a little giddy today.

1) I got my tax refund in the mail yesterday! Thank you, Virginia. (Even though you shouldn’t have taken anything from me in the first place. Tsk tsk.)

2) I’m going to a grad school open house today at the school I’ll be attending in the fall!

3) I’ll be walking there in my super cute, Mama-dubbed ‘Betty Boop’ shoes, which I hardly ever wear, but which make me so happy when I do.

What an excellent start to the weekend.

Happy Friday!

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All of this spring summer weather that we’ve been having lately has reminded me of something that’s been lacking in my life (or rather, my closet): sundresses. Cute, strappy, I-can-wear-this-anywhere, so-much-more-comfortable-and-breezy-than-clinging-shorts sundresses.


You’re starting to see them more and more out on the DC streets now. Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent abundance of shorter skirts showing just a bit (or a lot) more leg. And I’ve been taking notice, too. I often find myself wanting to tap on the shoulders of women on my way to work, and ask them where they’ve been shopping. Unfortunately 1) I’m not that friendly in the morning and 2) I’m not that forward, in general. I could, quite possibly, scare someone.

This desire for an updated warm weather wardrobe, though, has also reminded me of something else that’s lacking in my life: money.

As naive as it may sound, I’ve felt nearly (not totally, I’m not an idiot) recession-proof for a little while (though I knew it wouldn’t last). I knew people who were losing their jobs and taking pay cuts, but also people who were finding jobs, and making good money. And I knew others, still, who were moving back in with mom and dad, trying to weather the storm for a bit. But I was still doing all right. Until, at our last staff meeting, El Jefe officially announced that there would be no raises this year. We all knew it was coming. We knew. Yet, we all still hoped that maybe something, anything would turn around in our favor.

However, as if in answer to BOTH of these “problems”, I received a happy surprise in the mail yesterday: my tax refund! (Is it a refund? A rebate? A return? Whatever it is, it’s money back.)

It’s like the government was reading my mind! As much as I had complained about doing split state taxes, apparently it worked out in my favor. I gave Virginia too much money, so they’re giving a little back. Woohoo! And now that it’s sunk in that I’m not at all recession-proof, I’m fully aware that the majority of the check should go into savings.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t spend a little bit on summer fashions, right? It’s good for my mental health.

Thanks, Virginia. You made my day.

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