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Well hello there.

To say that October has been a busy month would be an understatement. In the two and a half weeks since I last updated there has been marathon training (6 more days!), some disappointing baseball (go Rangers…), a couple birthdays, a couple races, and a whole lotta midterms. The stress levels shot through the roof and it looks as though they’ll hang out there until, oh, December or so.

That said, there’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you, and time is finally on my side. One of the races that we did earlier this month was the aptly titled Warrior Dash.

I thought it would be similar to Run Amuck, last year, but it surpassed all my expectations.

The course is little more than 3 miles, depending on which location you’re at, and filled with obstacles. There were hay bales to jump, cargo nets to climb, and a freezing lake in which to wade and roll over logs in order to cross. And that’s all before the mud pit and the fire.

Let me show you.

This is what we looked like when we started:

(Our outfits are tame compared to what some people came up with.)

This was the end result:

The next-to-last obstacle was a mud pit with barbed wire strung over the top, so you had to crawl. Or get snagged. Your choice. Spectators were hassling runners who were trying to stay “clean” and booing those who just waded into the pit. So there was only one thing do to – dive head first:

The boyfriend chose the bellyflop route, but either way, we were all all in:

And because the mud pit wasn’t enough of a challenge, there were two rows of fire to jump over before finally crossing the finish line:

Talk about earning your medal.

I’ve never been so happy while covered in mud:

And because of the festival-esque atmosphere, we actually hung out for a while after we finished – listening to the band, having a couple drinks, and scoping out the rest of the costumes – to help plan for next year.

Note: ALL photo credits go to Memo who played photographer/mom/awesome spectator as we ran. And next year, she’ll be joining us.

Anyone else interested?

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I wrote the other week about the Run Amuck race I was doing at Quantico. Part race, part obstacle course – all mud…and possibly manure. I don’t want to know. And I waited to write because, well, pictures make the post.

The first mile was easy enough, though it kind of felt like a trap. We ran by the mess hall and some residence halls (I think) without an obstacle in sight.

Pre-race smiles...and no mud

Pre-race smiles...and no mud

And then we entered the woods.

The paths were bad on their own, just from all the rain we’d been having. Straight mud. Which made it so much more entertaining while leaping over hay bales and hopping through tires. There’s nothing like unsure footing to spice things up. That was especially fun on the many hills, as well.

About a mile and a half in or so, we hit the first mud pit, but “mud pit” is kind of a misnomer. It was more a giant pool of filthy water (think pig sty) that was usually about three feet deep, but more if you caught an uneven surface area.


After more hills (one of which included a brief rappel down), crawling through mud, trying to stay below the faux barbed wire (caution tape), and one last pool, we hit the final challenge: crawl uphill, through the mud and rocks, underneath a tarp, and try not to let whoever’s in front of you kick mud into your mouth.

Win, win, win, FAIL. I was spitting consistently for the final quarter mile, trying to purge the mud from my system. And trying not to think about anything else that was in it.

But, regardless, as you can see, I was thrilled to be done.


And I will definitely be doing it next year, should anyone want to join. Honestly, it’d be worth it even just as a spectator.


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